With the electricity supplier the company can also produce clothing lace three new board landing

wore a little lace, seems to be how well are difficult to become the protagonist, but the lack of these small and delicate clothes will be eclipsed supporting. Now, this seemingly insignificant lace, but was made up. This is the Guangdong hundred Chinese science and technology company – a focus on creating the original lace company.

January 8th news, Guangdong hundred Chinese Polytron Technologies Inc (securities referred to: hundred Hua technology, securities code: 835328) approved by the transfer of the agreement in the national stock transfer system listed publicly transfer. According to the new three research institute that dig shellfish information, China Science and technology in 2015 1 to May, 2014 year, 2013 annual revenues were 2 million 945 thousand and 600 yuan, 4 million 267 thousand and 800 yuan, 2 million 91 thousand and 600 yuan; net profit was 285 thousand and 100 yuan, 247 thousand and 900 yuan, -0.81 million yuan. As can be seen, the company’s revenue from 2013 onwards, in the fierce competition in the lace industry shows strong competitiveness.

small lace big thinking, online channels take me to fly

China according to the National Bureau of statistics released the latest, China’s manufacturing PMI index is only 49.6% (50% for the ups and downs of the waterline, when PMI is greater than 50%, indicating that economic development; and when the PMI is less than 50%, the economy is in recession), this is already a PMI index for 4 consecutive months below the dry Rong the watershed, also hit a three year low, reflecting the problems in traditional manufacturing industry operating pressure.

hundred Chinese science and technology but with the electricity supplier, do not fall back. Speaking in Dongguan, with the transformation of the electricity supplier enterprises not only hundred Huayi, but not much success, China is how to counter attack the


as the company’s number one, general manager Lai Shijun accurately seize the opportunity. He said in an interview with "the Dongguan times", before looking for designer, lace lace to run the market, later turned into a search on the computer, but it is still possible to spend a day or even longer time could not find the lace. "Now, as long as you want to lace style, took out a mobile phone to sweep, you will find the same product, the mobile phone can provide real-time navigation to the factory, real time watch factory etc.." Lai Shijun said he was the first to use iPhone to achieve the integration of traditional lace industry chain.

Lai Shijun, general manager of Guangdong Hua lace Technology Co., Ltd.

in the past, Lai Shi Junyu also passes through many detours. First, due to network marketing understanding is too simple, think to do the electricity supplier is in the Taobao open a shop or build a business website, the website no less, no search engine rankings, the expected effect did not occur.

despite a rebuff, but Lai Shijun did not dispel the idea of doing business. He put the network to enhance the level of corporate strategy layout, from product positioning, site planning, and then to build the team, in accordance with the idea of a comprehensive network marketing change >

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