Honey bud ambitions the layout of the whole child care services force baby industry

recently, the largest domestic cross-border electricity supplier maternal honey bud: it is a low-key layout opened its first store to the next line, and on-line service channel in the App family. The channel consists of recreation, education, photography, swimming performance and Exhibition six sub classification, access to health care and education, tourism and other industries, large age span from primary school to cover the baby children’s family consumption. According to honey bud executives revealed that in the future, honey bud hope to become China’s largest baby company, not just the mother and child electricity supplier.


early: electricity supplier started, quickly became NO.1

as the industry leader, in 2015, honey bud can be described as the action continued: first initiated a price war, the imported diapers retail price from 118 yuan down to 58 yuan. Has achieved an important breakthrough in the two standard maternal industry: in July and Nestle, Heinz, Mead Johnson and other six international giant milk also signed a strategic cooperation agreement; December has reached a strategic cooperation with the famous international paper industry Kimberly group’s curiosity. In the brand image, honey bud also has a pioneering move: first, sign known to every family host and budding daddy Wang Han as a spokesperson, another way to play Super daddy parenting card. Furthermore, honey bud held a collection of ten digital star, venture capital industry chiefs and hundreds of brands "Honey bud Fashion Award" in the middle of 2015, the first baby industry awards, in the entertainment marketing and industry selection list to create a model to emulate the peers.

at the end of 2015, from the authoritative data show: Honey bud to overestimate the value of 8 billion 740 million yuan, ranking the top two independent maternal, cross-border electricity.

extension: upgrade parent-child family consumption

in fact, there is a less obvious rule: every time a large financing, honey buds will make some adjustments in the strategic direction.

for example, the initial positioning of honey bud is the maternal electricity supplier pure, but also in the sale of the maternal and child products is very concentrated, is the traditional formula of these. December 2014, honey bud C round of financing, began to try to expand the category, but still only around the traditional maternal and child products, to focus on the mother and the baby on behalf of the household consumption to do,

July 2015, honey bud officially announced from the pure maternal and child products to the parent household consumer products, from physical products to virtual products, and then from the virtual product to the service line. This is an extension of the whole strategy, but it is still around the core point – maternal and child needs. In fact, the current honey bud platform, in addition to traditional baby supplies, but also increase the beauty, household goods, health care products and other categories, but also received excellent feedback from the market.

Rose: force baby service

fact, honey bud in the process of development, but also to their own short board: a population wide narrow sense. As the honey bud CFO Sun Wei said, "

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