Can only send a word wonderful mobile M application Yo 1 million financing

I dark horse: there are 140 words on the Twitter tweets restrictions, and there is an application to support the sending of a word, it is called "Yo" wonderful chat application. Recently, this wonderful mobile IM application "Yo", beyond all expectations raised $1 million.

is said that the developer Or Arbel only 8 hours to complete the development of this application. Initially submitted to the App Store, Apple’s official was to have not yet been completed as an excuse to reject Yo shelves. Interestingly, in this year’s April Fool’s day, Yo finally landed on the app store, and has made surprising achievements.

up to now, this application has attracted 50 thousand users, they sent a total of 4 million Yo. The following is the analysis of TechCrunch China for this wonderful application given:


looks very simple, without rhyme or reason. Because of slightly aggressive or excitement, the tone is not as "Hey" and "Hi" tasteless. However, Yo is very simple.

if you don’t pay attention to Twitter, you need to show that Yo is a new application of a hot head scratching. The premise of this application is to send a word to other users: Yo.

launched on April Fool’s day in April 1st, Yo currently has more than 50 thousand active users. Users have sent each other 4 million Yo. In the case has not been officially launched, the company’s co-founder and CEO, · (Or Arbel); Abel completed the $1 million 200 thousand financing. The list of investors in this round of financing has not been announced. The only thing that is known, angel investors, Mobli CEO Mo Scher · (Moshe Hogeg) to participate in this round of financing.

this application was originally a joke, but gradually become more interesting. Its popularity reflects the direction of the development of mobile social. We are seeing the emergence of the "digital dualism, many popular new applications" (i.e. between our digital life and real life gradually fusion). Snapchat has the characteristic of "burn after reading", while Whisper and Secret have the characteristics of anonymity.

Yo is characterized by context.

context > content

Let’s take

for example.

you’re in a bar with the best friends and admirers. When they talk, both of them put their hands on your shoulders. To outsiders, it all looks the same. But a good friend and touch you, and may have intimate relationship with the object of physical contact, the situation is completely different.

on the second morning, your friends and lovers have sent you a simple

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