Cross border electricity supplier new deal will be introduced purchasing said there is a new way to

this week just over half, Japan and South Korea engaged in commodity purchasing travel has been in the circle of friends sent two China post to send to her "account book", so as soon as possible to the postal customs declaration hall. A purchasing industry jargon, "she is tax". For travel, this is the tax rate has been quickly caught up with the last year, the number of tax.

in the cross-border electricity supplier in the industry view, the customs investigation may be closely related to the forthcoming new deal, but for years after the parties speculation of cross-border business raise a Babel of criticism of the new tax, travel but said they had never heard, in her opinion, in the circle of friends Tucao "tax" is the only used as a means of attracting customers that does not really affect the income. For after the tax reform will affect their business, said "we have traveled the path".


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self-employed each provision of paths

cross-border electricity supplier tax deal, since the year after the continuous emergence of a variety of news, although the specific policy has not yet landed, but has caused no small fluctuations in the field of cross-border electricity supplier. According to maternal and child cross-border electricity supplier baby lattice Zhang Tiantian introduction, the introduction of the new tax deal, squeezing the largest should be the current individual purchasing industry, which is called the circle of friends purchasing.

however, cross-border electricity providers are concerned about the extent of the new deal on the contrary, purchasing for this policy has not been on the mind. According to sina science and technology, in recent years, due to Japan, South Korea and other consumer goods, FMCG gradually began to become the mainstream of the sea amoy. At the same time, Japan and South Korea to reduce travel costs, a large number of Europe and the United States had engaged in purchasing and various new generations have begun to join the purchase in Japan and South Korea purchasing army.

became the main way of the human flesh purchasing purchasing, a tourism platform launched South Korea free quotation, five days and nights hotel accommodation package discount price of less than two thousand yuan, for often scouring the sea of people, a lot of times a package of tax is two thousand or three thousand. Low cost, so that a large number of buyers who began to abandon the previously appeared to be shipped back to the customs, tax and loss of mail and turned to human purchasing.


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not only that, according to the number of occupation purchasing logistics have revealed that many of the current 50 yuan per kilogram of tax service, cosmetics, skin care products and a series of tax high commodity tax package through the logistics company can transfer part of the risk. But the lead said "is tax" seems to affect purchasing their profits, but in fact, through the mail goods mostly commodity tax rate is low, even if the "tax" still can guarantee the purchasing center.


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and purchasing for Europe and the United States, although the exit cost is high, but in Europe purchasing luxury >

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