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Suning deployment will be held in the spring. According to insiders, Suning will focus on the deployment of e-commerce in 2013, the formation of e-commerce business headquarters, the establishment of the eight division, the specific adjustment program will be announced in February 21st.

This means that

, or is no longer as operating companies or independent companies, but with Suning group is two, one, to Suning the ship to the electricity supplier.

with Suning Appliance was renamed "Su ningyun", Suning Appliance to go, the integration of online and offline, the intention of the layout of "WAL-MART + Amazon O2O is becoming more and more obvious.

mining to build a large procurement platform and large commodity business platform

according to insiders Suning, will improve the construction of organizational change, organizational structure and headquarters area, construction of large commodity business platform.

Suning internal mail display, for all the business units, the establishment of a unified marketing planning, management rules and standards, to further strengthen and improve the management of planning, policy research, overseas sales promotion, business planning and construction, customer relationship management, construction organization and business functions; through the integration of online and offline planning and the mobile communication project department to promote the special group, to comprehensively promote the full channel, the whole category of business objectives and strategies for the development of the research, development and management, promote the all-round development of the 2013 line at home and abroad.

internal e-mail said, Suning will be "marketing integration, double integration" as the guiding idea, further online and offline appliances, non electrical products, customized products, service products, customer service service, independent commercial plaza merchants and other business operations of procurement and management services unified into commodity management, further construction push for group purchasing platform and large commodity business platform.

at the same time, the division between the division and the division is relatively independent, but also healthy competition, more important is to respond to each other, each other. The establishment of a large system of business, is to face the future development of the Internet and multi channels and formats of opportunities and challenges, more independent, fast and flexible collaboration and innovation, in order to highlight the more competitive business group.

electrical appliance betting electricity supplier

Suning Appliance in February 19th announced that the multi-channel online and offline integration, the whole category management, open platform services based on morphology, Su Ning, the company intends to change the name of Su ningyun group Limited by Share Ltd". The name changed, means Suning to accelerate the process of electrical.

from the beginning of 2009, Suning that the marketing reform, the whole category management, full channel expansion. Since then and Tesco official to expand non electrical category, extend to department stores, books, baby, virtual products; in 2012, Suning launched Expo super stores, in the doorway to remove the "electrical" word.

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