The chemical reaction of e commerce and Tourism

this year, the tourism industry has shown explosive growth. Airlines, hotels, travel agencies to increase the direct efforts in the use of the Internet, the agents through self built website, a variety of electronic business platform shop to get their users better and expand the scale of their business development. The entire tourism industry and e-commerce has been closely linked.

30 years of reform and opening up to

, the tourism industry has created new areas and new formats in the development process, such as leisure, tourism, exhibition and incentive economy hotels, cruise yachts, real entertainment etc.. Since the beginning of the new century, the new products have been produced, such as eco-tourism, rural tourism, industrial tourism, red tourism, hot spring tourism, science and technology tourism, etc..

with the innovation of tourism and leisure, tourism product service providers are more and more active in marketing methods and channels, in 2010 the development of online tourism is very prominent. Release in the first China leisure innovation awards ceremony of the "2011 Chinese Tourism E-commerce Research Report" shows that in 2010 the scale of China’s tourism e-commerce industry reached 39 billion yuan, to 2012 is expected to reach 68 billion yuan.

travel around the theme of each


travel network is built by Fujian Guangdong Jiangxi thirteen Municipal Tourism Bureau jointly, in order to make it become the most important regional tourism tourism information platform, tourism public service platform and tourism e-commerce platform, the website is expected at the end of July 2011 began trial operation. When you can travel directly through the online inquiry that the specific travel information.

during the Spring Festival in 2011, Shandong province will carry out the second hospitable Shandong new year carnival. The new year will actively carry out all-round, three-dimensional marketing, with Ctrip, donkey mother and other major domestic tourism e-commerce website platform, establish the network propaganda cooperation platform, "invited millions of villagers in Shandong to return home over the year". It is reported that the donkey mother travel and Tourism Bureau of Shandong on the Shandong new year will carry out comprehensive cooperation, planning to establish the donkey mother "hospitable Shandong" tourism attractions, accommodation, entertainment, integration, transportation and other resources, jointly launched a series of tourism products, providing scenic discount tickets, free packages, hotel packages to millions of Shandong the villagers and other people through the network can complete the order.

e-commerce has changed the mode of operation of the tourism industry, and has become a new way of tourism in the information age. Comprehensively promote the construction of tourism information network, to improve the quality of tourism enterprises and the market competition ability in the market this year, tourism is a hot situation, electronic commerce is playing the leading role with everyone everywhere "fly".

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