The electricity supplier for overweight fresh fear into the key of logistics distribution

– reporter Chen Menglu

The rise of the Internet

, is disruptive to many rewrite the pattern of the industry, the first not to be optimistic about the fresh electricity supplier in 2013, quietly heating up fast, known as the electricity supplier last piece of "blue ocean" fresh business has become a new round of hot competition between electronic business platform.

WAL-MART (78.01, 0.14, 0.18%) recently announced a high-profile, Sam members online store to further expand the ShangHai Railway Station and ShenZhen Railway Station fresh direct delivery service area, while Tmall, one store, Amazon (399.2, -3.72, -0.92%), Jingdong, I bought the food network or courier giant SF are in the fresh food distribution increased efforts, triggered a fierce competition between the fresh electricity supplier.

fresh as food has been in a relatively special identity, coupled with its own characteristics, resulting in the cost of fresh electricity supplier to become the biggest difficulty. So fresh electricity supplier companies now need to improve the degree of user experience, the formation of brand effect, in order to eat into this big cake.

fresh explosive growth into a new blue ocean

rise of fresh electricity supplier, is really "suddenly, such as spring night, in a short span of two or three years, from the initial vertical electric water, up to now the fresh blossom everywhere in the major electricity supplier platform – Taobao, Jingdong, COFCO, shop No. 1, SF, Amazon and other enterprises China heavyweights have been involved in the electricity supplier the market is hot, behind, is a strong consumer demand blowout outbreak.

data show that from 2012 to 2025, China’s cold chain food demand will grow from 2 tons to 4.5 tons, an annual compound growth rate of 18.8%. Insiders said that the next three to five years, fresh food is likely to be the next popular commodity category.

in China, as to many business platform, fresh electricity supplier in the field scale expansion to accelerate the process, after several years of development, fresh products have become profitable from the juke category category.

e-commerce industry believes that the explosive growth of online sales of fresh products, indicating that China’s large and small electricity supplier once again reached a consensus. They believe that the fresh market is expected to become the next e-commerce blue ocean". Analysys think tank data, in the initial stage of Chinese fresh 2010 B2C market turnover was only 420 million yuan, but in 2012 it has blowout to 4 billion 50 million yuan, while in 2013 is expected to reach 5 billion 700 million yuan, of which second quarter trading scale has reached 2 billion 400 million yuan. The domestic market, in 2012 to enter the circulation of agricultural and sideline products value of 2 trillion and 450 billion yuan, but through e-commerce circulation of agricultural products accounted for only about 1%. It can be expected that this will be another big piece of electricity supplier industry to be developed.

electricity providers coveted fresh, the most important reason is the profit." Senior analyst Song Yang Analysys think tank that has relative to some excessive competition category, fresh profit very.

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