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1, Love Valley Women’s day shopping promotions

it’s a holiday for women…… "38" women’s day, as a result of women and wonderful, in this special day, valley of love to every female friend to offer our best wishes and concerns!

2008 · three; eight women’s day, women in this part of the season, the valley of love for you carefully prepared a variety of exquisite small gifts, sexy, seductive, fresh and exciting… What are you waiting for? Hurry up!

activity date: 2008-03-1 – 2008-03-31

event details:

where the valley of love shopping mall full 100, 400, more than $600, you can use our gift of 20, 40, 60 yuan coupons to offset the corresponding cash Oh!

20 yuan C07121261A930181 minimum consumption of 200 yuan

40 yuan C07121266B2B38FB minimum consumption of 400 yuan

60 yuan C0712124E213A988 minimum consumption of 600 yuan

coupons unlimited number of times, you can reuse

specific details, please pay attention to the valley of love Mall:

2, Ogage

line card oh ye

Ogage ~

has been on the line card oh ye

advertisers: Ogage card

oh ye

advertisers promotion page:

– advertisers: Ogage is dominated by Korean fashion TOMBOY, DECO, SSAMZIE, DAEHYUM, SUPERIOR and other fashion brand founded by fashion enterprise IT (strain) TRICYCLE’s fashion shopping site.

Ogage is a professional garment enterprises: March 2006 (strain) Telatuke certified professional clothing network, provide popular information unique design and the world for the customer, at the same time give consumers the convenience of shopping service.

I put on the

type: CPS

the payment standard: according to the effective sales 3.5% into

The settlement cycle:



data return mechanism: real-time return


– custom links:

3, Samsung mall stunning pre-sale campaign fire >

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