Buy 10 8% shares of WAL MART CEO continues to invest in China electricity supplier

surging news reporter Huan Yanhong

in June this year to become a shareholder of Jingdong WAL-MART, the future also plans to continue to increase investment in China’s electricity supplier.

said that in October 19th, WAL-MART CEO Dong Minglun told reporters in Beijing, the development of the electricity supplier in the Chinese shocking, which is why WAL-MART cooperation with the Jingdong, he believes that this strategy is very correct, the future WAL-MART will be in the field of electricity providers in more investment.

in June 21st of this year, Jingdong and WAL-MART jointly announced the depth of strategic cooperation, WAL-MART’s No. 1 store into Jingdong, while WAL-MART access to approximately 5% stake in Jingdong. Subsequently, WAL-MART will continue to hold the equity ratio of Jingdong to 10.8%.

Dong Minglun said that what happened in the Chinese market can see the trend of the world. A lot of consumer demand, they want to have more choices, I hope the price, there is a better shopping experience. Mobile devices and technology innovation can allow customers to have more choices. In his view, WAL-MART through cooperation with Jingdong, you can achieve seamless shopping experience online and offline.

WAL-MART and Jingdong are currently looking for greater opportunities for cooperation between the two sides, food safety, brand products, especially WAL-MART own brand goods, is considered an important direction for future cooperation between the two sides.

on the same day, WAL-MART launched a food safety cooperation center in China, collaborative planning WAL-MART foundation to invest $25 million for the application of science, education and research projects in the field of communication in the next five years, in order to enhance the level of food safety. The Jingdong began to force the fresh electricity last year, Jingdong chairman Liu Qiangdong of China US business leaders in food security dialogue held at the same day round table forum said that the core problem of food safety is not Chinese realization of the brand.

October 17th, Jingdong global purchasing channel appeared WAL-MART figure, at the same time, WAL-MART’s high-end membership store Sam store also appeared in the Jingdong mall platform. Sam is a member of WAL-MART’s warehouse style supermarket membership, its target customers, including household consumers and SMEs, positioning slightly higher than WAL-MART. WAL-MART said this week, they will release more information and Jingdong cooperation.

Dong Minglun believes that the future can still play a more important role in the future of the line, in addition to selling goods, but also can be used as electricity supplier logistics and distribution services. WAL-MART is creating a seamless shopping environment online and offline, the store will play an important role. The future, WAL-MART will open more Sam’s club, and make full use of the joint Jingdong and Sam’s club, a big electric capacity.

in the traditional retail into the occasion of weakness, as the world’s largest retail chain, WAL-MART is vigorously developing electricity supplier. In the beginning of this month, WAL-MART announced plans to put in the long-term goal of network marketing, willing to give up in the next two years of revenue growth. Dong Minglun clear

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