The last 100 meters of the courier is difficult to open electricity providers to expand the business


most universities prohibit express delivery, the figure is to inform the customer to pick up pieces. Oriental IC for map

noon, North Gate outside sound is Ding boiling, the students take the express peak.

on the sidewalk, SF, Shen Tong (micro-blog), Yuantong express company. The table row line, the size of the parcel around seven or eight vehicles piled up, small tricycle parked on the roadside spread all across in confusion. From the beginning of this year, Beijing banned all courier vehicles entering the campus, teachers and students all express are concentrated to the south gate to receive, so the spectacular express along the Haidian Road on both sides of the stall.

"No. 35?" a courier at half the height of the express lightly into a circle, a few small carton crackling straight down, rolled to the side wall. He picked up the back side of the throw, asked: "no, we send the message?" at this time, sophomore Kobayashi reported a mobile phone number beginning with 138, the courier Staveley: "it is not our home." Kobayashi then went down to a booth to find.


really is not convenient, the campus is so big, I come from the east gate, walk fast have 15 minutes to get." Some asthma Kobayashi told reporters that almost all the courier companies are not check ID, particularly worried about your shipment by others were misled away, so each to take notice of the recovery of express messages, are rushing to take over.

the scorching sun, more than a dozen courier stationed a tan gate. "What is this, afraid of heavy rain, rush to express three is on early drenched, hide no hiding place." STO staff said, although hard, but college students are the most active online shopping groups, all courier companies prefer from morning to night Dunshou late more than six pm work.

and Beijing Foreign Studies University, Minzu University of China, Peking University, Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, many universities have refused to express into the campus, only the people’s University, Tsinghua University and other colleges and universities a relatively open. The delivery of vehicles through intensified campus traffic pressure, express stall scene messy influence the image of school is the main reason of colleges have refused to express the door.

express delivery of 100 meters in the city’s many residential areas, compound and office also become a big problem.

near the air force compound in Gongzhufen, almost every door from time to time there are several small gathering of three express courier scene. While working in Dongdan Xiao Hou, will always suffer from office only for EMS business door, her online shopping always commissioned "girlfriends to help collect.

is located in the North Third Ring of the world trade center, in June last year began to ask the courier to produce a copy of the business license as well as courier personnel information, and pay 50 yuan deposit to apply for permits to go upstairs. Troublesome courier is now beginning to express on the sidewalk outside the building to inform the recipient to come downstairs to receive.


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