Six misunderstandings in the process of realizing the electronic commerce in the inventory enterpris

with the development of the Internet, there are a lot of day in and out of e-commerce industry in some enterprises, after the application of e-commerce success will stay; some companies are caught in a misunderstanding led to the development of electronic commerce, eventually abandoned the electronic commerce; at present, there are many companies trying to get involved in the field of electronic commerce, hope can benefit to the enterprise to bring new growth. The author here to give you a list of six errors in the process of e-commerce in the enterprise.

1 lack of professional talent system. Many traditional enterprises to enter the field of e-commerce, e-commerce will be a simple understanding, for them, in fact, can not go deep into the understanding of e-commerce, can only be said to be the only fur. In general, because it is the nature of the attempt, so companies will not give much salary to hire a very professional staff, because they are afraid of losing money in case of loss. Because of this mentality, coupled with the enterprise can not conduct in-depth planning of e-commerce, will lead to the final failure to quit. Some well funded enterprises, will build a e-commerce team, often use this huge tactical DaTouZhen to implement, it may not be able to get good results, I think that the ideal way is to 2-5 a professional business people’s efforts to build up the e-commerce model, and gradually add new members.

2 lack of overall planning for e-commerce. In fact, the electronic commerce, and is not only a Taobao store, or that is to construct an enterprise’s own independent store on the matter, we need to do a lot of work with Taobao stores, independent store, to make e-commerce process more smoothly. The author before a cosmetics company did, then the boss think, Taobao opened the shop to do e-commerce, in fact, even if it is to do the Taobao store, enterprises need to be equipped with professional customer service, logistics companies need to sign long-term cooperation, warehouse personnel to assist delivery, the need for the station and station to the shop foreign propaganda, of course, electronic commerce is far more than these, such as publicity, corporate website, corporate culture, application of Invoicing management system is a part of electronic commerce.

3 electricity supplier marketing costs are too high, the blind pursuit of the lack of effective channels of publicity. In 2011 China e-commerce industry ushered in the investment blowout, regardless of the investment amount or quantity than in the past has greatly improved, resulting in a lot of enterprises in order to obtain the volume of transactions, in the absence of marketing effect evaluation, blindly advertising investment, causes the enterprise did not receive benefits before their first consume large amounts of funds. At present, there are many ways of marketing electricity supplier can be used, such as search engine optimization marketing, PPC Marketing, TV advertising, micro-blog marketing, video marketing, forum, blog marketing, email marketing etc.. Enterprises need to choose according to their own products and the expected benefits of their own marketing model.

4 blindly price competition, while ignoring the brand value, ignoring their own profits. 2011 unpopular buy, but also a model of e-commerce, the most

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