The central and provincial government network Chinese CN domain enabled rate of over 9

news agency in May twenty-one Beijing Xinhua (reporter Liu Changzhong) the latest statistics show that Chinese Internet Network Information Center revealed today, as of now Chinese central and provincial government website Chinese.CN domain enabled the rate of more than 90%.

According to the relevant provisions of the relevant government websites to enable "Chinese Chinese.CN"

, including the Ministry of foreign affairs, the Ministry of Finance and other central ministries and commissions and other government agencies and institutions at the provincial level of government of Shanghai, Sichuan and other Chinese.CN domain enabled rate has exceeded ninety percent, in the.CN domain name has become the only Chinese network identification of government websites, on the disclosure of government information, e-government plays an important role in speed.

state organs and institutions of the domain name registration network director Zhang Wendong said that the norms of state organs and institutions online name, unified registration using Chinese.CN domain name, is the maintenance of the organs and institutions at all levels of authority figures and network credibility, promote the development of e-government China standard key step.

experts said that the Chinese government wide open.CN domain name is not accidental. CN domain name is China’s own management of the Internet top-level domain name, domain name resolution and registration by the state designated national registration authority unified responsibility. In February last year, the Ministry of Information Industry issued on China Internet domain name system announcement has clearly defined, Chinese.CN is the Chinese Internet domain name system in the Chinese top-level domain name. As China’s own management and independent development of international standards of top-level domain name, the Chinese.CN domain name in the government agency website system is the only enabling national information security.

is reported that the government website has become an important channel for the public to understand government information, access to online government services and participate in government oversight. According to the Information Office of the State Council issued the China Information Development Report 2006, as of the end of last year, the Chinese government registered more than twenty-three thousand and seven hundred domain names, the government website of nearly twelve thousand. Industry experts believe that the advantages of Chinese.CN mother tongue to help establish a standardized, unified, authoritative government website network logo, expand the influence of government websites in the public.

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