Network to make money the most effective 10 profit model summary

in all the innovation, business model innovation is the most original innovation. Leave the business model, other management innovation, technological innovation has lost the possibility of sustainable development and profitability of the foundation. In order to help Chinese enterprises in the shortest possible time to understand the current business model of China’s most influential business, we have chosen 10 kinds of business models. The selection criteria are: 1, with the help of new technology and the integration of new resources; 2, opening up new profit model; 3, model is sustainable, with good results; 4, inspired mode to other industries is very good, and imitation and innovation drive the industry.

the focus of our discussion is how the business model innovation and profitability, and analysis of its value chain.

1, B2B e-commerce model

on behalf of the company: Alibaba, global resources, Hi2000

impact areas: online trading

influence Keywords: online trade, credit analysis, business platform

model overview: Alibaba is known as the world’s largest online trading market, not only to promote the establishment of China commercial credit, but also for the majority of small and medium enterprises to bring more possibilities in the fierce international competition. Alibaba brings together a large number of market supply and demand information, while value-added services for members to provide market services. At present, Alibaba mainly rely on Chinese suppliers, commissioned the design of the company’s Web site, online promotion projects and integrity through profit. It is particularly worth mentioning is the integrity of the pass, because it can help users understand the customer’s credit status, so the establishment of the integrity of e-commerce market is of great significance.

demonstration effect: Hi2000 in Japan before becoming the first Chinese Internet stocks, successfully landing the domestic A market, proved that the capital market confidence in the mode of B2B electronic commerce. The core business of the Hi2000 is more than the industry operating under vertical B2B sites, such as China chemical, chemical network, Chinese textile net, net of medicine etc..

model of the problem: China’s e-commerce environment has always been plagued by the development of B2B e-commerce model, credit management issues are equally prominent.

2, a new model of entertainment economy

on behalf of the company: Hunan TV station, Shanghai Oriental "Super Girls" "hero", Beijing TV "in a dream of Red Mansions"

impact areas: entertainment culture

influence Keywords: entertainment marketing integrated marketing event marketing

model overview: Super Girls to build a unique brand connotation and value chain. From 2004 onwards, Super Girls through the auditions to attract both singing and dancing, the girls want innovation competition, breaking the original television programs rely solely on ratings and advertising profitable business model, embedded Internet voting, SMS, voice telephone voting more profit point, and integrates a large number of media resources. This mobilization of consumer sentiment and participation

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