Online shop the most classic and privacy publicity

didn’t care about these methods, as long as according to the general procedure of the online shop make does not have what problem, but a thousand days with several online chat friends when it comes to these, combined with the actual, do the following should also pay attention to.

first, the address of the shop, we know that the current online supply of goods, clothing to Shanghai, Guangdong, the majority of shoes to Fujian and Zhejiang. So many sellers will be aware of these, in the search for goods will be directly selected locations, so the seller in the best place to set up the production of goods into the popular production and sales locations.

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two, its time in the Taobao online experience for the sale of goods, so the seller when setting the commodity login is the best time to upload, valid shop sales of goods in the Taobao online when the best choice for 7 days a week, don’t choose, because Taobao is fast under the law the clothes rack are displayed in front of the commodity, so make sure the best everyday clothes shelves and shelves, even if only 7 pieces of goods, to be divided into 7 days to upload. In addition, the daily sales of Taobao is the following time, 10:30-12:00 12:30-14:00 15:30-18:30 19:30-23:30. Therefore, it is recommended to upload clothes in these areas. But in the goods shelves two hours before someone must keep in front of the computer, but the sales of prime time.

three, on the key words in the previous article said, it is not repeated, mainly to facilitate the establishment of their own goods are easy to be buyers to search and identify the title. Detailed description of the goods and sales information from the shop name to the title of the commodity and the shop bulletin board.

four, maintain customer relationships, online shop, although not see the face of commodity exchange relationship, but a good customer relationship is the key to the success of sales. Usually more contact with them, let them raise their views, or what the community has a good activity to remind buyers, anyway, many people do not blame ceremony.

five, shop online advertising everywhere, now the information society is the high-speed operation of the era, all propaganda methods can be used to use, do not be afraid of trouble, external links are Baidu and Google search engine optimization ranking index, good website, no external links to search, pat! It is forbidden to net external links, then only from other sites to your Taobao store link, try every means to improve the quality and quantity of external links is a network of shops treasurer must do! Do a lot of shop advertising in other related sites, community, this is the key to develop the new customer


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