Or Cn on Yiwu business win transnational lawsuit domain

 , Zhejiang, November 2006 (Xinhua) 26 – half a year ago, the United States, DELL sued the case of the case of Yiwu business owners Caine domain infringement, DELL recently lost to the end. After learning the news, many of the registered ".Cn" domain name enterprises in Jinhua relieved, have said, or ‘.Cn’ reliable security".

in March 2003, the Yiwu International Trade City business households registered the "del.cn" domain name, and the use of the domain name to set up a specialized operating jewelry site "proud music", has been operating so far. Who knows, the end of March this year, DELL submitted the complaint to the China Centre for the settlement of international economic and Trade Arbitration Commission Disputes of domain name, the center will request Zong Jian the domain name "del.cn" is transferred to the DELL company.

DELL believes that the firm’s domain name and its registered trademark, trade name is sufficient to lead to confusion of the approximation. DELL said it had registered the "del.com" as the official website as early as 1992, and said that it would be appropriate to obtain the appropriate del.cn domain name.

arbitration panel Expert Group believes that DELL trademark DELL and controversial domain name "del" are very simple letter combinations. Although DELL is a trademark with a high visibility in the Chinese market, but a little understanding of the computer and the network of ordinary people to distinguish del and DELL, does not constitute confusion. And CN domain name and COM domain name is different two domain name system, there is no joint protection rights. DELL company registered "del.com" domain name, and can not rule out the use of "del.cn" domain name. Therefore, the panel finally dismissed the claims of DELL.

this year, "CMZ", "cnskype", "civ4" and other domestic COM domain was plundered, domain name registered China risk has become the bane of. The domain name ".Cn" as China’s independent management domain, there are no obstacles in language and law, especially in the right and domain name rights protection, can effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of the national register. Del.cn the small enterprises win cases, no doubt to the millions of CN domain name registration to eat a reassurance.

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