The site should probably spend less time to choose the domain name

night inadvertently looked at the name of the site domain name Li Xingping, I not only want to: the domain name of the pros and cons of the success of the site has a relationship?

Li Xingping under the name of the site / Domain Name: (already sold to Baidu in 2004)

look at everyone, the name of the domain name Li Xingping which is considered a high quality, only a looks pretty pretty high, but compared to the 1000 digit com in this fairly general……

general Li Xingping, these domain names are very general, and even worse, including, believe that before he registered in 1999 we all will not choose such a "bad name", in 1999 that Baidu has not appeared, no one can estimate the registered, but is not expected to have Baidu now.

we usually talk about a good domain name can lay a good foundation for the relevant sites, in the future to promote the success of the site occupies a very important position. From Li Xingping in this case to see if the US really dizzy, we usually believe that the idea is not difficult enough right? We learn something with


from another perspective, a junior high school, now in the remote mountain village life of Li Xingping, his background is so simple, it is because he is so simple we choose these "simple" domain name, the construction of the "simple" website…… His website is mostly a simple HTML page, almost no technical content, but defeated countless functions of fancy, beautifully designed website.

really a good internet project is actually can not consider the pros and cons of domain names. The analysis of Li Xingping’s case, really let me doubt the station under construction "domain name choice" this step is still necessary.

Li Xingping’s success in a number of sites, really can not look at our domain name perspective, they seem to have little relationship with the domain name. If anything, it is this guy has a special liking for the "digital domain", estimation is more or less was enlightened by Ding Lei, from which we can see the importance of "digital domain" in the Chinese Internet market.

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