Taobao’s three major flaws in E commerce

January 19th morning news, because fakes gave a bad review, encounter the threat SMS phone crazy, this is has been involved in the development of electronic commerce laws and regulations and provisions of lawyer Yu Guofu did not think of things. It is from this matter, Yu Guofu saw the current e-commerce in the courier, evaluation and information security deficiencies.

a bad


a few days ago, Yu Guofu received a watch at the Taobao store "orange watches discount buy. The merchant shipping serious delay, and sales is fake, in the wealth of nations in the evaluation system to a bad".

On the afternoon of 15

Yu Guofu received an anonymous threatening message, the content is "your name, telephone number, address, zip code has been through the mail listserv, post message, blog group and all other methods batch sending bad stop modification." Not too much to ignore.

15 evening around 11, on the phone began to appear a large number of +000190852203,, +000190852213 harassing phone calls. 16, he installed a mobile phone filtering software, a total of more than 100 intercepted harassing phone calls.

in addition to a sound on the phone to hang up the phone, there is also a "cancel the call after the poor comment stop calling. January 17th at noon, in the transaction number and other information sent to Taobao customer service, waiting for processing feedback.

17 11:40 harassing phone stop around. But Yu Guofu did not think so, the 22:00 continue to send threatening messages: "because you have to add your stubborn, a serious blow to the queue! If not withdrawn in bad review, released double name phone address, and automatic call 24 hours all day long!"

and 22:55 threats come in again, the content is "continued to fight will pay a heavy price!" on the morning of 18 for a start, it is found that the wealth of nations in 20 received threats, even threatened to harass the object to expand to the law firm’s intellectual property agency and two colleagues.

and such a seller, not only is a double crown, but also a sign of Taobao real name authentication. In the wealth of nations adhere to the complaints, 18, finally closed down the shop. This also leads to the seller to become aggravated for harassment and threats.

cited a lot of bad e-commerce defects

as a lawyer specializing in the field of intellectual property law and IT, has been involved in the development of e-commerce laws and regulations of the Yu Guofu, the poor evaluation of the feelings of many. In his view, the harassment of buyers, threats to manipulate credit evaluation of social harm, has far exceeded the harm of selling fake.

"This is particularly important for Taobao,"

said, "so the store must be dealt with

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