Domestic e commerce into the high speed development period is the key to grasp the opportunity

Three important elements of

‘s economic growth: consumption, investment and exports. 08 years is a difficult global year, the international financial crisis has brought shock to the domestic export enterprises, many foreign invested enterprises due to lack of funds and the divestment collapse, as "MADE IN CHINA" is also suffered a serious recession, many people had no hope. The crisis is also an opportunity, it is also the financial catastrophe let domestic e-commerce has been driven time and opportunity, re opened the rate of economic growth today, e-commerce has become a way of life of people can not be missing. We come from a few sets of data to look at the past few years, the development of domestic e-commerce.

according to the survey, China’s per capita amount of online shopping in 2003 was only 127.6 yuan, while in 2007 exceeded 1000 yuan mark; 2008 China online shopping market development is very rapid, the transaction size exceeded 100 billion mark, reaching 128 billion 180 million yuan, more than 07 annual growth of 128.5%; 09 years of Internet users online shopping commodity comparative survey, the national 26 an online shopping online active city per capita consumption amounted to 2136 yuan, the consumption of more than 5000 yuan more than 20% users.

09 years of data, Home Furnishing clothing accessories and jewelry cosmetics accounted for 61.5%, accounting for 23.5%, 20.2% books audio and video station, digital communications products accounted for 13.2% of prepaid cards 9% station, Baojian Railway Station and 7.7% food, computer and accessories accounted for 6.9%, accounted for 4.8% of household appliances, toys and baby products accounted for 3.5%, accounting for 2.4% of fitness equipment the collection, accounting for 1.6%, accounting for 1.5% of flower cake gift, ticketing and hotel accounts for 0.5%, other categories accounted for 7.3%.

data show that as of June this year, the domestic personal shop has reached 1200, in the first half of the year, of which 2 kinds of online shopping transactions reached 200 billion, the third quarter of the overall e-commerce transaction volume reached 1 trillion and 200 billion yuan, an increase of 6.6%.

According to the

Internet consultancy Analysys International Statistics, the first half of 2010 China online retail market transactions amounted to 213 billion 300 million yuan, 258 billion 600 million yuan has been close to the Ministry of Commerce released the year 2009. The growth speed can also be data from a peep spot to know the leopard – 117%, which is from 2007 to 2009 China online retail transactions with an average annual growth rate is about 6.5 times over the same period, total retail sales of social consumer goods of the annual growth rate. In recent years, the rapid development of China’s online shopping has become an important force in China’s consumer market.

growth model, with consumers’ online shopping experience is increasing, relatively speaking, the domestic e-commerce environment now than at the beginning, has gone through a wait-and-see period, entered the development stage to tell. The increasing number of Internet users to participate in online shopping also allow traditional businesses to pay attention to the importance of network channels, have been on the line, will be more goods on the network for sale, it is precisely this, enter

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