Dangdang com internal e mail leaked by netizens crazy pass a list of clothing

October 29th, the day before micro-blog users get a letter from the internal mail dangdang.com caused many online shopping enthusiasts attention, which disclosed the dangdang.com in anniversary during the month part of the profits clothing goods, all goods are in a negative gross margin of sales, and sales during the year on the biggest commodity price compared to the purchase price in more than 40 percent off discount. From the mail content, 20 pieces of goods not only a listed in the message, there will be 500 pieces of goods involved in the actual loss of profits.

for the following content:

addition, the message also plans to sell at a loss catalogue, which is attracted netizens attention:


careful users found that although the mail form did not mention the name of commodity and links, but as long as the change of dangdang.com any commodity page number for the last link in the form of "ID goods" can directly access the goods.

to facilitate more consumers, there have been enthusiastic users will be able to convert the form of the mail can be directly edited text format. And has been forwarded to the user in an e-mail, QQ, etc..

is a professional engaged in the retail industry for many years said, "such leaks can easily be understood as a commercial speculation, but from the mail content, the purchase price of these goods marked and not false, so money marketing is not fooled. As to whether it is intentional, personally think that is not important, if it is really cheap on the need to let more consumers know, thereby obtaining benefits."

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