CANN to Beijing new network interconnection and other 2 companies issued a notice of default

domain name information network October 4, 2008 news (Wang Xiuyu translation Shenyang) ICANN issued a notice today that has issued a "Notice of default" to the and Beijing Xinwanghulian Technology Co. Ltd. the two registrars, asking them to "resolve the domain name database within 15 days (Whois) investigation". The announcement, which was issued in October 1st, was updated in October 3rd and has been updated on the following website:

according to this announcement, in September 30th ICANN to China Beijing new network technology Co., Ltd. (website and two ICANN certified registrar issued a notice of default. Points out that the two registrars are in breach of section 3.7.8 of the ICANN RAA, which requires the Registrar to take reasonable steps to investigate the problem of inaccurate whois.

3.7.8 requires the Registrar, "… Received any relevant registered domain contact information is accurate after the notification, the domain registrar corresponding to the inaccurate problem of complaints and take reasonable steps to investigate. If the registrar has been informed of the domain name information is not correct, the Registrar should take reasonable measures to amend."

, however, in November 2007, through the ICANN WHOIS database problem reporting system (WDPRS), ICANN determined that the two ICANN certified registrars did not conduct an investigation based on their Whois uncertainty. The audit pointed out that complaints and complaints of subsequent letters indicate that the Registrar within 45 days of receipt of the complaint did not change the Whois data. The Registrar does not seem to take any action in response to a large proportion of the WDPRS complaint, according to the provisions of section 3.7.8 of the RAA ICANN issued a "concern" notice, asking them to provide details about the investigation of ICANN Whois error the steps taken.

in May 29, 2008, ICANN sent to Beijing new network interconnection and two ICANN certified registrar issued an event of concern notice. The two companies then assured the ICANN that they are investigating the problem of inaccurate Whois and take appropriate steps to correct it. However, ICANN found ample evidence that Beijing’s new Internet connection and seem to have failed to take reasonable measures to investigate complaints. Therefore, in September 30th, ICANN to Beijing, the new network and the to send a notice of breach of contract. In order to avoid the matter caused by the termination of the two registrars and ICANN contract, ICANN issued to the Beijing Internet network and two companies

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