Analysis of problem and problem of ten new Taobao mall

October 10th, Taobao mall issued new regulations, a technical service fee increase and deposit will be out of the market stick to small sellers. The new regulations released after less than a day, the store immediately set off a reign of terror: 11 on the evening of 9, gathered a total of nearly 7000 small sellers, divided into 70 implementation team organization, to several well-known Taobao mall big sellers, the implementation of the "malicious operations take goods, to the poor, refused to pay". The majority of these businesses have been forced to sell these goods shelves, which are all the clothes of the Korean homes all shelves.

this is a fight against the network violence Taobao ten new discontent, participants in the Taobao rule range, by the rules, the credit rating index of big sellers, return rate of violence against. Big sellers complain incessantly, and in the face of Taobao mall activities, but can only stare.

Every time Taobao

under the new deal, there will be a reign of terror, and each time the injured, always small sellers. From Taobao to the integrity of self-examination, commodity search ranking rules, to today’s double ten new regulations. Of course, Taobao to make money, sellers have to make money, and Taobao as a game rules formulation, must be tailored to their own, destined to be an unfair game.

Taobao is great, it supports a large number of small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, to support the express industry, a new business… Uh, however, Taobao is not living Lei Feng, it is a commercial company, the surface of the win-win situation, can not cover the commercial purpose. It is true that Taobao was flooded by fakes, business integrity, capital flows and other fields, increasing pressure on management, had to sacrifice the interests of some people to achieve its own mechanism to improve.

but Taobao may not know enough about Chinese entrepreneurs. Their hardships and simplicity, their persistence and patience, and, above all, their vulnerability and selfishness. They shoulder the sack crowded bus purchase delivery, it is not enough to earn a fast profit; they stayed up two or three points to the shop, patiently answered "pro" consultation, even if it is a purchase; their words hard, or even lose money to return, as it is a little bit of credit. However, these entrepreneurs are extremely fragile and selfish. Difficult business environment and meager profits, the survival of the space can not be respected for a long time, so that their psychological reach the bottom line, when touched their interests, of course, there will be a huge rebound.

The Taobao

ten rules for a commercial company, is a progress, it will be a big seller for the polymerization within the subdivision, product line, optimize the input-output ratio, strengthen foreign brand reputation, but the cause of this incident, people think mainly in the following two aspects:

first, the introduction of the rules is too hasty. There is no bedding, direct increase in service costs and margin, the seller is difficult to understand. If you change your perspective, a seller earns 1 million a year, 100 thousand for Taobao, he will? Yes! Even 50 million people are willing to do, because.

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