Analysis of the 2012 e commerce competition in the direction of the three

Compared with the traditional

e-commerce business, e-commerce has a unique marketing charm and huge market potential, market globalization, continuous trading, low cost, resource intensive and other unique advantages so that it is like bamboo shoots after a spring rain spread to various fields, who are so cake, get more cake more, Xiao Fang believes that this is not the money will be able to eat delicious, so how are we going to eat this delicious cake?

first, grasp the quality of products off

based electricity supplier is to adhere to the quality of products, so good products, in recent days the "carcinogenic Mengniu milk", December 24th, found that the sampling survey of State Quality Inspection Administration of dairy products, Mengniu milk a aflatoxin M1 exceed the standard is as high as 140%, the result of a few days after exposure a large supermarket, from the monitoring data, found that Mengniu milk sales decline reached 37%, by Mengniu influence, Yili also fell by about 2%, the traditional sales industry first asked him so, not to mention e-commerce, expand the influence of the electronic commerce network is far more than these, so for the electricity supplier who. If you want to take hold, first quality should grasp, to ensure the quality of products to win customers and win the market.

two, to meet the diverse needs of users

"no one does not mean there is no shopping street," this sentence will show that the current online shopping is appropriate, in the online shopping has become a new way of people’s consumption at the same time, the electricity supplier who should consider how to make potential users more humans will go to visit the fun to win more. Taobao, pat, Jingdong and other large e-commerce platform, to see if they are to meet the consumer demand for "shopping" on the surface, but the demand is not satisfied, how to give users a better experience needs, they also need to have much thought the majority of the electricity supplier.

three, integrated marketing

in the current e-commerce competition we see e-commerce competition has not only need the road network, integrated marketing, but remember, remember on two points, a competitive advantage, "Tian Ji horse" story tells us, I concentrated on our advantage to competitors for the disadvantaged so, two out of three we win; two, remember the vulgar endorsements, all marketing should be in line with our products, "33 days" as the emotional drama of a city placement is inevitable, there is no list, here we can say that the "Lan Xiang technical school" ads, look at the dialogue

Huang Xiaoxian and Wang Xiaojian moved to a new home after

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