nternational domain name plummeted new registered 44 yuan

international domain name registration price ups and downs several times, in October VeriSign also announced the up regulation of.COM/.NET/.ORG and other international domain name registration and renewal price. However, affected by the economic crisis, the dollar continued to decline, the international English domain name domain name registration costs decline, prices come down, this also caused many IDC service providers a new round of price war, the international domain name registration 50, 40, the price 30 yuan have.

is known to all, the domain name is the most basic thing on the Internet, is a rare global resources, the price of the property itself. The uniqueness of the domain name, its unique proprietary exclusivity, it was likened to the real estate on the Internet – who is a good circle, it is equal to the money. A good domain name registration is a prerequisite for the success of the site, happy net is a good example, because the domain name, it give many users to competitors. Cybersquatting windfall thing is not news.

international domain name registration price is a discount of Internet users, Internet users can be done through agents, the realization of income behavior (which is a small investment income behavior). Internet users in the choice of IDC service providers at the same time, except the factor of price, must also consider the strength and comprehensive customer service service of the company, it can not only facilitate the owners to buy the domain name after the establishment, but also the economic strength of the guarantee, after the economic crisis, there are too many uncertain factors. Here, I recommend a quite reputable, good reputation in the industry and the higher price of the IDC service provider – Xiamen Xin to click Technology (www.3366.com.cn), it is reported that they are now the international domain name registration is only 44 yuan / year.

With the rapid development of the Internet

and the people to the understanding of the Internet, the domain name will be more valuable, and the good domain name will become popular; as the world can trade COM top-level domain, value-added space will be greater.

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