Electricity supplier collective sale poop clothing 199 yuan T shirt sold only 19 yuan

morning news (reporter Sun Yu) 199 yuan T-shirt sold only $19 Lining…… In the future, online shopping may be in a growing number of websites to buy cabbage price brand clothing. According to the reporter, last year, clothing enterprises overstock and electricity providers have found the business opportunities, have set up the brand sale channel. VANCL brand sale last month, just on the line, dangdang.com will also launch the brand sale channel next week. A supplier said the Jingdong will also launch brand sale mode, and handle network founder Wu Bo is currently promoting his new project – Canada music, a O2O based brand sale.

garment enterprises are facing the most difficult year in ten years, looking for a breakthrough to solve the high inventory becomes a problem. Data show that as of April 17th, the textile and apparel industry has released the annual report of 50 listed companies in 2012, the total inventory of about 57 billion yuan. Compared to 2011, inventory increased 3 billion 609 million yuan, an increase of 6.76%.

vip.com’s success lies in the grasp of the domestic apparel products backlog opportunity." Dangdang CEO Li Guoqing said that this model, vip.com ninety percent off also earn money to sell. Reported that, despite vip.com’s $692 million 100 thousand in revenue in 2012, the scale of the electricity supplier is not large, but its gross profit margin of 22.4%, and in the last quarter of the year to achieve profitability in the third quarter.

face last year, a higher inventory of apparel companies, this year, electricity providers have started their own vip.com". According to the reporter, Eric and Lining since April 7th to carry out the sale, will continue the cooperation with the brand sale mode. But also dangdang.com told the Beijing morning news reporters, the on-line brand sale channel last collection in 7 days this month". A supplier of Jingdong also revealed that Jingdong has also been set up a sale mode and plan, has signed the contract.

however, just to get away from the group purchase industry Wu Bo, do not agree with their own Canada music just a vip.com imitator. It is understood that the Canada Music joined the O2O gene, emphasis on the user side of the discount, mainly with local business cooperation (such as Shin Kong, new world), users can order online and offline delivery, if not suitable can also go to the next line store directly returned.

, senior Internet observers Liu Yuqing said, whether it is vip.com or imitation like Wu Bo in the O2O field to seek new business projects, because of the current domestic apparel inventory crisis is not lifted, which has brought enormous opportunities to sell inventory for their electricity supplier.

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