ORG domain fee will rise 10%


on 9 May, following the "management.COM" and ".NET" two top-level domain decided to raise the management fee, the Internet ".ORG" domain name registration authority "public interest Registry (PIR) also plans starting from November 9th this year, the".ORG "domain name management fee on the increase by about 10%, rose to $6.75.

, according to U.S. media reported on 9, PIR has raised.ORG "domain name management fees to the internet regulators of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and numbers (ICANN)".

refers to the so-called annual fee charged PIR year to those certified by ICANN domain name registration services of domain name management costs, that is to say, is charged to the company to sell the domain name "wholesale price" fee. Ordinary companies, groups or individuals to the domain name registration service providers to apply for the registration of domain names, the need to pay a certain fee, including the management fee.

at present, the global registered.ORG domain name has nearly 7 million, ranking in the domain name of sixth. ".ORG" domain name was originally set up for non-profit organizations and other institutions, but now the domain name authority has been the domain name to all registered objects open.

last year, PIR will be.ORG domain fee increased 2.5% to $6.15. This time again raised fees, PIR did not explain the reasons.

earlier this year, VeriSign responsible for operating management ".COM" and ".NET" domain name has decided to raise the cost of these two top-level domain name. From the beginning of October 1st this year,.COM domain name fee increase of 7%, up to $6.86,.NET domain name increased by 10%, up to $4.23.

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