Look at the frequency of use of CN minon additional words from my love competition domain

China, CN and other additional words commonly used in the domain name portfolio, on behalf of the specific meaning of china. Recently, the domain name city (domain.cn) held a love I Chinese domain name contest, participate in the contest domain name 271. Through the contest domain name to count the frequency of China, CN and so on, we will get some interesting results.

China, CN, CHN, Sino, Chinese, and so on a number of additional words according to the number of rankings are as follows:

1, china:128

2, cn:79

3, 86:18

4, chn:17

5, sino:17

6, chinese:11

use the number of rankings in detail:

1, China in the first 83

2, CN in the first 46

3, China after 45

4, CN after 33

5, CHN in the first 16

6, 86 in the first 15

7, Sino in the first 15

8, Chinese in the first 10

9, 86 after 3

10, Sino after 2

11, Chinese after 1

12, CHN after 1

two of them are in the middle, I count them in the back.

data show that:

1, people like to use is China, followed by CN;

2, China most commonly used in the front, in the back is also a lot of, and CN before and after the difference is not large;

3, although authentic adjectives should use Chinese, but the actual use of the domain name is not much. As an adjective, Chinese is more suitable in front;

4, domain name not only to consider the short, but also to consider the meaning is clear, so the most used is the meaning of the clear China rather than a very short cn.

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