ntime department store’s low key online flagship B2C fashion brand


‘s B2C website intime intime network (Tencent technology plan)


technology news (Lei Jianping) September 26th news, more and more traditional companies began to get involved in the field of B2C, following the launch and Chinese postal network, another traditional enterprise’s B2C website intime intime network also recently low-key on-line, the main fashion brand.

it is understood that intime department store was founded in 1998, currently has 32 stores in the country, and plans in the next five years, this figure will be increased to 100 in 2009, total sales of its proprietary stores and management of more than 8 billion yuan. Intime network intime group and intime department store, plans to achieve sales of 1 billion yuan in 2011, to achieve sales of $3 billion in 2012.

with proprietary mode to get goods from the brand

insider, intime network in February this year was officially established in the Beijing intime e-commerce company, is expected to officially launched in early October, intime network for e-commerce industry veteran, former Chinese clothing network founder Liao Bin. Intime network mode of operation with full self mode, directly from the brand to get the goods, the supplier’s support, intime department store brand advantage is intime network backup.

intime network senior team is mainly divided into two parts: one from the traditional industry channel team; another team from the Jingdong, where customers, new egg, red children and other domestic enterprises to dig more molding B2C electricity supplier team. The company has a total of 400 employees, including customer service of 180 people.

products Yintai network located in fashion FMCG, commodity structure and brand structure and shopping malls similar commodities including clothing, bags, shoes, accessories, cosmetics, luxury goods and other more than and 200 brands of more than 5 categories, including 50% for clothing.

technology Tencent found that has settled brands including Dior, Guccl, KAPPA, Nike and other well-known brands, there will be a large number of luxury goods, clothing, footwear and other brands. Click to enter a brand will enter the brand patent, such as Nike products, intime network will protect the product type, market price and net price categories from the price watch price than the market price is generally low at least 2.

Liao Bin said, intime network has built 14 thousand square meters of warehouse in Zhejiang, not only the conventional storage shelves, but also set up a special temperature warehouse seal for cosmetics, and specially formulated for luxury goods such as top shelf.

according to the official website, in the form of payment, online payment, intime network including coupon payment, mall to pay the balance of a variety of ways, including payment for a variety of users currently intime mall, Alipay pay caifutong payment, YeePay etc..

in addition, in terms of delivery intime network is currently used to send the delivery of goods, select China Post Group (EMS) with >

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