nteraction to be 1 billion 770 million yuan holding business platform

Chinese securities network (reporter Chen Tianyi) interaction 27 evening announcement, the company intends to pay cash to buy a controlling stake in Newegg, including the acquisition of 490 thousand shares of class a common stock and the series A preferred shares of 12 million 780 thousand shares; subscription of additional shares of series AA preferred stock 24 million 870 thousand. After the completion of the transaction, the company will directly or indirectly hold a total of Newegg55.70% interests, the parties agreed to the transaction price of the underlying assets of $264 million (about 1 billion 770 million yuan).

notice disclosure, Newegg mainly engaged in e-commerce, focusing on consumers and more and more small and medium enterprises through the sale of electronic products, including computer hardware, software, peripherals and CE products. Newegg since the electricity supplier platform in 2001 on the line, the rapid growth of business scale and sales. Newegg in recent years, the development of business in Canada and China, mainly focused on IT products, CE products and household appliances, is expected in China’s business will become an important driving force for future development.

interaction said that after the completion of the transaction, the company will rely on a large number of entrance flow and has a huge user base contact OS and related applications, customer introduction, combined with the Newegg global coverage and strong ability of online sales and reputation for the company of intelligent hardware products find a strong cash channel and promotion platform, to speed up the company to enter the field of intelligent hardware pace, expanding the company’s future intelligent hardware entrance, enhance brand value and user awareness.

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