Taobao shut down all night Adult supplies shops on the loss of 20 thousand

[introduction] is currently Taobao online has two diamond merchants, business has just begun, it is estimated that every day hundreds of yuan loss. However, Mr. phase is not the first time encountered a similar thing.

shopkeeper lamented: domestic website space is too unstable

yesterday (January 7th) at about 3 in the morning, Taobao online Adult supplies shop overnight all adult goods shelves, the store was absolutely empty, some businesses even thought that his account is stolen.

More than 2

until yesterday afternoon, on the homepage of the bulletin to hang out " vulgar content" strong regulation of the announcement, businesses have found that, because the commodity information content of some stores in the shops alleged violations, resulting in all Adult supplies business of the whole army was wiped out, after the thread merchant called Qu the sound of four.

in addition to, another 3 sites in the rectification column, namely: "green network" (Location: Beijing) "sports channel" hot sports "column;" the flag net "(seat: Beijing)" energy-saving "channel" my show "column"; 39 Health Net "(seat: Guangdong) Forum" happy map "column.

shop owner:

"I thought the account was stolen,"

yesterday morning, Guangzhou Taobao shop in the main phase of Mr. open the computer to see, find themselves in store adult goods disappeared, leaving only a few pieces of cosmetics, "I thought it was a practical joke account is stolen, deleted my merchandise information". In the case of Mr. phase found stolen soon after, a single business door, come to buy things on the first day of the people have a good view of the goods, but second days to see what has not been. "The man said, ‘and so on the web page is good to find you buy’, a single business mr..

call to the consultation, but suffered a busy, call a few times, which simply give mr.. Until later at posted notices, which Mr came to understand, which is also a "mouseexcrement bad pot of soup". He said his shop is in accordance with the relevant provisions of business confidence, there is no violation of the place, this regulation has been implicated, Mr. phase estimation is "some (businesses) sell lingerie show trial of dew point, or real photo apparatus".


to Taobao shop only a few months ago, is currently owned by Taobao two diamond merchants, business has just begun, it is estimated that the loss of several hundred dollars a day. However, Mr. phase is not the first time encountered a similar thing.

previously, he opened a personal website, the virtual host built in Shandong, which Adult supplies, shortly before the Internet regulation, which Mr. site was closed, "always fits involved". After that, he will set up a virtual host in Beijing, and now the site has finally recovered, but he still can not feel at ease, and now many people are going to hire a foreign website space, the

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