Amoy brand experience growing pains most have begun to contact with VC

September 2006, just graduated from the University of Feng Jieqi began to set up shop on Taobao, began her full-time career Taobao. The name "to T through the shop because the service is considerate business well, has now reached 30 million in annual sales, and has a team of more than and 100 people.

however, Feng Jieqi has to create their own brand of worry. In April this year, she and OEM manufacturers began to sell their own brand of cosmetics. After six months of exploration, now has 8 single items, monthly sales of about one hundred thousand yuan."


promote a new product than the original hard too much, but Feng Jieqi thought it is the direction. Her first goal is to become a "Amoy brand". Amoy brand are self created network brand, Amoy brand can get more support Taobao." Feng Jieqi said.

compared to Feng Jieqi, such as the big seller is the first time the transformation, those who have been mature Amoy brand who are in the second groping.

wheat bag is one of the representatives. The 2007 fortune in the Taobao brand, is now all want to become a model for merchants Amoy brand "chase. By the end of last year, more than $10 million bags of financing, this year’s own brand in Taobao’s sales is expected to break billion.

, however, careful counterparts have noted that with the wheat bag brand in Taobao is becoming more and more well-known, wheat bags their websites have begun to quietly booming, sales rising. At the same time, wheat bags and other shopping sites supply cooperation has never interrupted. In this regard, Fang Tianyu, vice president of wheat bags explained, Taobao is still the main sales position, its own website is the emphasis on brand building and services."

obviously, with the Amoy brand growing up, Taobao has been unable to meet their appetite. After the completion of the first round of Taobao brand building, the original Amoy brand who began a longer journey beyond Taobao.

some of the transformation is to adapt to the tide, as a mature brand, must have more sales and marketing channels. Some change is compelling, because of the Amoy brand more and more, Taobao’s limited resources, another way is to maintain rapid growth means.

this year, more and more Amoy brand began to contact with VC, seek the development of space outside Taobao." The most popular e-commerce community school on behalf of the network president Xing Kongyu commented.

Amoy brand rise

Amoy brand is the essence of network goods brand. With the online shopping market bigger and bigger, some big sellers are not satisfied with the fight to fight the price of repeat customer service competition, instead began to focus on cultivating their own independent brands.

in 2008 after the launch of the Taobao mall, Taobao and other brands of network goods needs to let Amoy brand concept officially appeared. Taobao mall at the beginning of the line, the traditional business does not have much interest in settled, and Taobao urgent >

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