Ma Yun Hu over the spirit of contract giving the public better account


Ma Yun chairman of Alibaba

group (left) and the new financial editor Hu Shuli (Sina pictures)

Alibaba chairman of the group to communicate with the new financial editor Hu Shuli, tells the story of the Alipay in the transfer and license audit in the process of thinking and feeling,

Caixin [

] (reporter Wang Xiaobing) the latest financial new "new century" weekly "new financial observation" column published an editorial "Ma Yun why wrong". The article emphasizes the contract and property constitute a cornerstone of the market economy, and points out that the Alibaba Group Chairman Ma is not authorized by shareholders to transfer ownership of Alipay violates the principle of contract. The article also expressed disappointment and regret for the central bank in the open policy measure, that is the case of the external ma. The article also pointed out that Ma has always been very respected Chinese entrepreneurs, Alibaba is one of China’s largest Internet companies. The cost of this error is not only the accumulation of years of personal international reputation, but also includes the potential long-term development opportunities Alibaba.

After the publication of the article

, the new chief editor of Hu Shuli in Beijing on June 12th at 1 in the morning Ma received sms. Is on a business trip to the United States Ma and Hu Shuli text messaging for 2 hours; June 13th afternoon Ma returned home, the two people continue to talk about the matter. Ma Yun broke the silence, tells the story of the Alipay license transfer and the review process are thinking and feeling. Finally, Ma stressed the need to do back to yourself, to others, give yourself a better account". We consent of Ma Yun, then he will collate and Hu Shuli a message, shared with the reader.

Alipay has not ended, Ma and his team and the largest shareholder of YAHOO is still in negotiations, had refused to participate in the negotiations after Softbank has not yet been published for further action. The central bank on the issue of third party payment license on how to grasp the bottom line policy is also of concern. The impact of the incident has been far beyond a company, at home and abroad to invest in the Internet industry and the Internet industry caused deep repercussions. We look forward to a more complete truth in the world, and ultimately promote the event to meet the market principle of reasonable direction of rehabilitation.

Ma Yun: big sister, you begin to comment on the fact that you don’t know the basic facts. It is a pity. Oh if there is no contract spirit we can go today?? sadly we have not believe Chinese companies will more than others and the spirit of contract law.

Hu Shuli: of course is very cherish you, so regret. We’d like to hear more basic facts.

Ma Yun: Well, it’s not the end of the day, the negotiations are going on. Tell the truth to the friends of the individual shareholders of the defendant…… I hate nationalism, but also against the spirit of contract. It is far more important for us to respect people than we do, because the average number of young people in our business is only 26 years old. They have to go a long way. I am the biggest opponents of Wahaha event. So I want to be fair and honest

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