[Wang] on the thinking of Taobao Gang operating location

more and more people are aware of the importance of the gang, operation, it can not only bring huge traffic to the store (are free OH); at the same time also can help us to enhance customer loyalty, customer service, quality supervision, forming a good brand marketing effect and a series of

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in how to plan, how to stimulate the gang activity to help member activity, attract traffic tips and other similar experience, here we will not repeat. Of course, these skills are very important in the operation of the gang. But I personally think that each of their master Gang positioning is the first issue (for example: we want to create what kind of a gang? What can we do for Amoy friends?).

people like to build a mansion, as long as the building structure drawing, building things just went through channels. Of course, how to manage the building builders, don’t let them trouble, and completed on time, it is a branch of learning. In fact, if the gang positioning scheme is our mutual benefit, a lot of difficulties in the gang in the process of management (such as: low flow and low return rate, low activity) will be smoothly done or easily solved content valuable to gangs, because they want to be in it, so he.

Taobao every day now have tens of millions of UV (traffic), from the aspects of classification, only two kinds of Amoy friends: one is the buyers; another is the seller; our gang positioning scheme should stand in the way they think. What do they need? What do they usually pay attention to? What kind of environment do they like to express their opinions?

a, buyers are concerned about what?

1.1, as they focus on online shopping Master, good quality, high quality and low price goods, in order to gang sustainable development, combined with some timing integrity, good service is required to carry out activities of sellers.

1.2, in the tens of millions of online shopping in the army, 80 and 90 into the mainstream, the two generation has one thing in common: they are very care about your image (is not enough, not to make his relentless tide) to a "modified"; nothing is very concerned about the "beauty salons", "beauty of body skin", "clothing" the trend of information collocation.

What is

1.3, non mainstream? Personal understanding is: QQ signature love with Mars (in fact, is a pile of garbage); boys love girls love cool; self; 90 is non mainstream, their self-confidence, personality, love to show themselves, so each gang has "show" or "buyer seller show".

1.4, is now in 2010, 80 and 90 of the trendsetter, it is a good season of love, so it is necessary to set up the feelings of section, and the story most likely to impress people, they may be due to a love story by adding your gang, may also be due to a story reminds me of you the gang oh.

1.5, house culture has become a society

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