Shaoxing can be expected to open up the road to spin the city of e commerce Ren Ren two pulse

is located in the creative base "Textile City F5" Creative Park "Tao" brand creative agency successfully developed fabric fitting supei system and online Textile City 3D system software, can break the space resources of the Textile City limited, provides for the development of electronic commerce through the "City textile Du two veins".

recently, I was informed that the county held Chinese Textile City e-commerce platform construction consulting seminar, located in creative industry base "Textile City F5" Creative Park Shaoxing "Tao" brand creative agency for handsome steel excited: while it is still winter, but the electronic commerce development in China Textile City in the spring has come textile, creative industry will be rapid development.

fabric fitting match

3D model 360 degree display

in the textile city market, buyers of a new fabric sample after tend to be more interested in, because the clothing effect can see intuitively grasp the purchase market. But a shop or company from space, resource limitations, and design a kind of clothing often need four hundred or five hundred yuan of money, it is not possible for every fabric spent time and money to make samples.

"fabric fitting supei system" development, can in a very short period of time, to any kind of clothing styles of fabric and garment base to match, and then put in the 3D mannequin 360 degree all-round display. Show number only by computer in the number and variety of fabric garment library size restriction, completely free restricted Salesroom space. Moreover, as long as the input of the fabric material is clear enough, you can even see the fabric structure, which solves the problem of the current network can not intuitively feel the texture of the fabric. At the same time can also be solid fitting effect, sent through the network to any local customers, easy remote sales initiative.

online 3D spinning City

mouse as immersive

now we can see on the Internet "online Textile City", just a plane simulation market, move the mouse to a district of a sales department, the information obtained is Salesroom number, company name, name of the person in charge of the main business and products, and operators can not achieve real-time network communication, more can not see the specific product samples, thus unable to start the Textile City real e-business.

Interactive online virtual mall "

" research and development, can let a person sitting in the office in front of a computer mouse, drinking coffee, a "three incarnation purchaser" into the "textile city".


modeling technology relying on the most advanced, "Tao" to establish Chinese Textile City virtual mall contains complete, in accordance with the actual city spatial scale virtual surrounding traffic, greening, mall construction, supporting hardware facilities and the environment. At the same time, according to the operating characteristics of products Chinese Textile City, 3D online textile city is divided into four areas: clothing brand center, textile fabrics, accessories area, area area. When you walked into one "shop", for a "material".

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