Full time mother would like to subsidize the family through Taobao shop Entrepreneurship

I am a 80 stay-at-home mom, daughter this year just a year and a half, usually at home is with child, what do the housework, leisure time is very much, because the child is still small, so never go out looking for work, the burden of the family will bear on the husband a person, see every day in order to go home this evening the husband does not stop, my heart is not the taste, I want to share for him, even if not earn too much, a bit like household subsidies.

many friends have recommended me to do Taobao shop, some friends in the guidance, I saw a lot of tutorial at Taobao University, then the shop opened up the rash and too much in haste. Mixed includes the review spent nearly half a month’s time to open shop formalities complete, I open the shop is selling snacks, because good out goods don’t money, say, a few bestie are also a chowhound they take care of me, business is good, then decide to do this line.

shop more than a month to buy something on the bestie, basically did not sell anything, in some small sellers in the group to understand it, and also saw some information in a number of forums, many are full of "no reputation, no sales", "ten nine brush shop" class of words. At that time, I was a novice, I do not know, ten stores and nine brush mean, asked the next few friends, they said that the brush credibility, the credibility of a good thing to sell high.


I understand, after thinking it over, I decided I would find someone to help me to brush reputation, so everywhere on the Internet of things related to brush reputation. But many are bragging about the price is uneven, miraculous, Xinlimeidi, dare shot. My heart is ideal, if you can trade like Taobao, the first payment to a platform, after the completion of the brush and then pay more attention to how good ah. At this time to see a QQ group, someone said the credibility of the brush, secured transactions, so I asked the customer service, sent me. Let me see the process, after the point into a global network is how the website above a detailed introduction to the credibility of the brush flow, feeling quite reliable. Paying directly for them to help.

I want to brush the crown, about 3 days, they put the shop transfer to me this, customer service told me that may be right down to 30 days, 30 days after selling things very smoothly, anyway the January did not order, is idle idle. In the fall of the 30 days, I was in the University of Taobao to learn some things, I feel very practical, it is recorded down. After 30 days down the right, the baby’s description of all replaced, and then do some of the optimization of the SEO, do a good job on the second day, early in the morning there is an order, a single, single, three single…… Until the night husband returned home, I received a total of 27 single business, wow, is really a very good reputation to sell things.

I told the good news to her husband, her husband also boast I really have the ability, which is a credit to the credibility of ~~

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