Suning com’s acquisition of route of exposure contact good music to buy other vertical electric prov

after the red child, is moving toward the vertical class of cosmetics apparel electricity supplier

reporter Lu Xiao Beijing reported

in the vertical electric cold winter, large-scale mergers and acquisitions is like a raging fire.

December 6th, announced the integration of resources, and achieved the vertical electricity supplier red children more than 3 months, the red child and bin purchase two sites of rapid growth, become the vanguard of sub category.

but apparently to far more than the red child. Since the red child by for $66 million in the bag, who will be the next red child caused speculation.

early acquisitions territory is a large-scale mergers and acquisitions is the consensus of the industry, but who is going to be a merger target, not only Suning industry is often tight lipped, intense discussion, unable to agree on which is right. However, with rumors of one object appearance, map is the early mergers and acquisitions.

is currently the industry’s most popular object is vertical electricity supplier to buy a good shoe. It is said that the good music to buy into a tight financial difficulties, is seeking to sell.

is familiar with insiders told reporters, "best buy founder Lu Ming indeed to Nanjing and had to negotiate, but the two sides in addition to differences in the valuation, in mergers and acquisitions on the issue of shares are deadlocked." He also revealed that is not the only object to discuss good music to buy.’s acquisition of

obviously has its planning. CEO Ren announced that the first breakthrough is maternal and footwear category. The acquisition of red kids, now in this round of acquisitions, is for female users of cosmetics, apparel vertical business expansion. At present,’s acquisition rumors also belongs to the category of these objects.

business observers Lu Zhenwang told reporters, maternal and child products have higher customer loyalty and customer stickiness, and related products, maternal and child market strong cross maternal and the surrounding market space.

these people told reporters that in recent days to prepare for the listing of layoffs and announced that VANCL is likely to be acquired. According to the reporter, VANCL had been with in the logistics reached a depth of cooperation. In addition, Martha Marceau, Mcglaughlin, dream bazaar, Le bee several appliance manufacturers are said to have been in contact with

, however, aims to constantly develop new category of, will put more vertical category electricity supplier in the bag. The first half of this year, travel channel, channel, channel, mother liquor on-line lottery channel. From the beginning of August this year, financial products insurance business online channel. vice president Li Bin said, the next step, will expand in pharmaceutical products, food etc..

Sun Weimin, vice chairman of

Suning stressed that the red child will

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