Electricity supplier price war accused of disrupting the market line of the store was snubbed


online price war "strike violently", the next line store snub. Nanfang Daily reporter Lu Yicheng photo

Nanfang Daily reporter Ye Dan Peng Guohua money Weijue

intern Dai Dingguo

Co Chen Hanhui Dai Yuancheng

caused because Liu Qiangdong announced on micro-blog made "Jingdong all electric three years zero margin" decision "the worst in the history of the electricity supplier price war, at 9 yesterday morning rujierzhi, electrical Jingdong, suning.com mall, Gome mall, Cuba and other mainstream dangdang.com have" the appointment start ". Jingdong store Liu Qiangdong is a high-profile gathering of media" Suning "explained. In the main battlefield of online price war, price, stock price change, such as chaos in clusters, and whether consumers from the "8· 15 of the electricity supplier price war" benefit? Business "vicious price war" will cause what effect of


consumers: want to order but difficult

focus 1 speed drop

in accordance with the major electricity supplier "agreement", this "the worst in the history of the electricity supplier price war" began at 9 yesterday morning, and many users have made early on 9 in the morning "sprint" preparation, many netizens said that even in order to be able to grab cheap work ahead waiting in front of the computer. But when the 9 points after many bitter users found that the sharp decline in the speed in the Jingdong and suning.com login mall site, or even can not open the page of the phenomenon, many netizens joked "the worst in the history of the electricity supplier price war" to speed back to before liberation".

according to the Nanfang Daily reporter yesterday morning in the southern daily log of Jingdong and suning.com mall found that website login speed is slower than usual, but also appeared many times the page cannot be opened complete phenomenon. Nanfang Daily reporter yesterday at 12:45 using third party network speed platform of www.360buy.com and www.suning.com, www.nfdaily.cn and www.weibo.com four site visit speed test, the average download time of 2.35 seconds, 2.055 seconds, 1.65 seconds and 0.261 seconds, the electric business website access speed is far lower than the same period the public Internet site access speed.


operator to the Nanfang Daily reporter pointed out that the sudden upsurge of user traffic, there may cause web browsing speed decreased or even can not open the page, the background system electricity supplier who will be a test, but this is not what can be used to reason. Since the plan the price war, but the electricity supplier price war is not open for the first time, the sudden traffic situation should have been expected and should "experience", but still appear network congestion phenomenon, the real.

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