Circle of friends 80% derivative distribution agent fake shoddy phenomenon is rampant

today, the circle of friends "wind" blow, WeChat brush circle of friends, there are always known and friends released all kinds of commodity purchasing information in the circle of friends, many of whom are students, stay-at-home mom and even civil servants, many people began to see the circle of friends Tucao like visiting Taobao".

however, the survey data show that the 80% derivative belongs to the distribution agent model, this low threshold employment mode also brings many problems, the proliferation of fake goods not board, high price, fictional dialogue, full circle of friends. In this case, the old bear derivative and chose to give up.

students are also keen to sellers circle of friends

Huang Yuqi (a pseudonym) is a freshman in Guangzhou University City, at the beginning of this year, he began selling a variety of high imitation watches and accessories in the circle of friends. But this does not affect his learning, because he only need to move a finger, in the sun circle of friends photos to sell, do not need to purchase goods, do not need to send the goods packaging such trivial things, as long as there is a single friend, the family will be shipped, he is only responsible for making money.

Huang Yuqi said happily: "no business, the fingertips can make money Why not?? many students are now on the side of the school, while sellers circle of friends, all kinds of goods are."

, according to reports, due to the wholesale market in Guangzhou too much, the price is more transparent, in order to earn more difference, he also deliberately let the field of friends log on their account, to help him add local friends.

according to the introduction, Beijing consumption is highest, the most selling from a high imitation table can earn thousands of yuan.

‘s survey found that the reason why so many people in the circle of friends to sell? Because the threshold is low, a lot of micro business need not cost, no inventory risk, only the marketing use of free time and personal circle of friends can, in this way to attract more and more people involved, including many college students, stay-at-home mom are easily picked up a sideline.

80% micro business is a distribution agent

according to the well-known business people Gong Wenxiang the latest micro business survey, currently has more than 80% Chinese micro business model is the agent layers of distribution mode, only 20% of the enterprises and individuals, the derivative as a regular channel, honest sellers, not to engage in layers of distribution.

According to a senior

micro operator told reporters, there are a variety of proxy mode, there is a group of people in the development of sellers circle of friends, according to the sales commissions, does not need to purchase goods. But there is a pattern through the form of a short time out "within the rapidly expanding agent team, the level of clear, subordinate agents to join, must pay a sum of money to the" entry fee "to get the goods to the line, the income distribution by pumping into layers.

this practice may even evolve into a pyramid scheme, most of the goods are in the channel, to reach the terminal is very small, very unhealthy." The source is concerned, the last loss must be the bottom of the distributor >

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