From offline to online to create a one stop service O2O transformation of traditional franchise s

to sell a single product franchise stores to do O2O, need to combine their own customer characteristics and product transformation, and strive to create a one-stop shop service. Why do you say, because the essence of O2O is to improve the user experience, combining online and offline, online interactive to increase user stickiness, drive sales. O2O of this gene determines that the traditional non stop service stores do O2O, with the increase in costs, sales can not be increased.

below we analyze the reasons, the traditional stores are generally franchise stores, only sell a single product more (in addition to grocery stores and supermarkets outside). Can drive a franchise store products have a characteristic is the product of the profit of the good, a single product price high, customers choose more cautious, mostly belonging to a purchase, belongs to high-grade goods (here we do not discuss luxury, because luxury play completely is another way). This poses a problem, because a single category, you can provide a one-stop service to your customers in your purchase of goods, but also do not go home to purchase, you this is just one of his many, expensive goods may he only need to spend time, no repeated purchase demand. Therefore, a single product franchise stores in order to enhance the turnover, O2O transformation, it must be based on customer characteristics to expand their product lines, to create one-stop service.

for example, there is a children’s cart franchise stores want to do O2O transformation, take the high-end route, selling high-end children’s carts in the United states. I would advise him not to sell children’s Carts a commodity, the product should be diversified. A child for a lifetime only need to buy a cart for children, this time to buy, you do online and offline, not worth it. However, product diversification, and not aimless diversification, according to the attributes of the customer tailored. The location of the store is very clear: the ability to consume, just a baby’s parents soon. This is a very good customer base – the economic strength (willing to buy imported carts), have children (children and women are the best sales target). You need to think about what these parents need, such as diapers, children’s clothes, car seat, etc.. All children used to sell for. There must be an idea that my clients come to me and don’t have to go anywhere else. With this positioning, then O2O transformation, the formation of their own service brand, the establishment of strong links between users and businesses, to guide the user’s N purchase.

when it comes to this store, how to carry out O2O transformation? Specific way, online customer relationship, customer training, consumer awareness of word-of-mouth, customers gathered. Pay attention to the user experience, sales and purchase, on-site service. Create a closed loop O2O.

online operation of the way to apply for a simple service number. Because the cost of WeChat public number is the lowest. The cost of pulling into 5 WeChat fans is equivalent to the cost of a app download. The most important point is that WeChat is now very powerful, app can do

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