China Electronic Chamber of Commerce on the illegal behavior of public apology website

Beijing, March 31, recently, Chinese Electronic Chamber of Commerce released a letter to the community, the letter said, Chinese Electronic Chamber of Commerce have realized as a result of the failure, on the "315 consumer complaints network management has brought adverse effects to the society, China electronic business will apologize to the community, and to make rectification. 315 consumer complaints network responsible person were dismissed, 315 consumer complaints website shut down.

It is reported that

, sponsored by China Electronic Chamber of Commerce "315 consumer complaints network accused of extortion, forced service, mandatory fees and other illegal acts, the Ministry of Civil Affairs on the administrative punishment, and ordered rectification, and China Electronic Chamber of Commerce shall not pass the" charge to the business of 315 consumer complaints, not associated with the interests of network "with the enterprise, the enterprise shall continue to publish the advertisement website. (China Network IT channel)

China Chamber of Commerce to the public letter of the community as follows:

China electronic commerce in March 21, 2011 to the Ministry of civil affairs "decision of administrative punishment" (Min Min penalty word 2011 No. first), then I will under the "315 consumer complaints network suspected of violating the law’s punishment. In this regard, I would have been aware of the work of mistakes, "315 consumer complaints network management, which brings bad influence, I will be directly responsible, I will apologize to the community. According to the Ministry of Civil Affairs punishment requirements, I will make the following rectification:

, I would be directly responsible for the person in charge of the 315 consumer complaints network, deputy secretary general Chinese Electronic Chamber of commerce consumer electronic products and customer service service Specialized Committee long "315 consumer complaints network CEO to withdraw its duties punishment.

two, ordered the chamber of Commerce presided over the daily work of the person in charge of a deep inspection, and give administrative warning.

three, immediately shut down the 315 consumer complaints website.

four, the admissibility of all complaints in the future will be handed over to the China Electronic Chamber of commerce consumer electronics service Specialized Committee appointed person responsible.

five, the future of China Electronic Chamber of Commerce will no longer use specialized websites to accept complaints.

through this event, will give me a wake-up call. As a national electronic industry association, should strengthen their own construction, consciously abide by the laws and regulations of the state. In the future, we must conscientiously learn from the lessons of this incident, continue to accept the supervision of the community, and strive to do our work better, to develop China’s electronic information industry to contribute.

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