Liu Qiangdong the chicken Jingdong sold 40 yuan to sell 128 yuan robbed of all

Liu Qiangdong (Zhejiang online reporter Zhang Di photo)

Phoenix Technology News

news December 17th, the second session of the world Internet Conference in Wuzhen yesterday, the Jingdong’s founder and chief executive said in the digital China forum speech, at present there are two rural Chinese unfair pricing: first, the more backward places, is selling more expensive; second, farmers produce their own things the price has not sold, the cost is very high, the price is very low.

Liu Qiangdong said that Jingdong want to go through the channel and electricity supplier to the countryside to change this price unfair. "More than a dozen chickens on the inside of the house just let it look for insects to eat, what the cost is not. I asked, how much to sell this chicken to the town? Tell me, probably 30 yuan -40 yuan / only. I said: just get a few in our online try to sell 128 yuan / only. One day a few hundred chickens, robbed of all." Liu Qiangdong said.

following Liu Qiangdong speech record:

Liu Qiangdong: Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen!

then I spent 8 minutes talking about bread and tofu. Today I want to share with you is the Jingdong’s "Internet plus" strategy and "one village one product". I was a student in the UK to help students with central Europe a few years ago, a classmate introduced at night: there is a bread shop in our hotel next to the bakery for 600 years, bread is very delicious, the price is a little expensive. The results of several people in the afternoon more than 4 minutes to go, people say: "no." The bakery basically sold out at 10 a.m. and at about 11. Since it sells so well, the bread is so expensive, why don’t you increase your production, open 500 in London, open the 1000 store. With this question, the second day in the morning to find the family, has been the twelfth generation, in London for hundreds of years of bread. Are we digging in the ground with the cave, talking for a long time, I understand that this production expanded once after will have some problems. I lived in the country for 18 years, went to Beijing, I have a number of years has come up with Jiangsu Suqian with bluestone dilly tofu, when Spring Festival is the most fun mill. When brewed tofu, the children are very happy to push the big stone, because tofu fried tofu is delicious, really delicious. Ever since I left the country to Beijing, I have never eaten such delicious tofu.

Liu Qiangdong: once I went back to the village and invited me to dinner. He asked me what I love to eat, said: Pepper Fried tofu. Results end up, the taste is not right. He said: "good living conditions in rural areas, tofu from the town to buy, not their own grinding tofu, large-scale industrial production." Since the proposed channel sink Jingdong, we went to the village shop logistics, in the past we have all of China’s 1-3 line city has been covered. In June of this year, when we enter the fifteenth 000 villages, every village has a Jingdong delivery staff, through a lot of communication, we find that there is a good way to let farmers out of poverty, can let the rural life.

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