What is the relationship between NetEase and Ding Lei



peak brother visited many people, there are 3 old NetEase gave advice. The answer is "big deal."".

old NetEase entrepreneurship, early Liang and Guan Guoguang. Then the game has Xu Bo, Yun Feng, Chen Weian, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on. Li Xueling, Li Yong, the portal side of salmon and Tang Yan. The TOEIC, founded more, snowball finance, unfamiliar street, rain doctors.

1, boss management style is the original ecology. Kind of like a guerilla. Not too much trust in the senior. Do not attach importance to hierarchical management architecture. Small team combat.

boss does not attach importance to the portal. So these people do it themselves. Have a unique temperament, strong execution. But it is not standardized, small kingdom. Some people put the list to the NetEase did not avoid the relatives of the company, and the first venture, refinancing turnover. The boss even more distrust. Naturally there are more entrepreneurs.

boss prefers flat management to games. It is difficult to coordinate the management of the basic level and the high level. For example, the game COO leave, mainly conflict with the boss management philosophy.

2, NetEase has no overall corporate culture. Departments lack of coordination, Department of culture, is often decided by the competent personal style.

uneven distribution of resources, most of the attention of the boss is not in the absence of resources to do the work. It is the ability to cultivate entrepreneurship.

also has a lot of departments in the pension. When the boss scolded the door of the elderly, is part of the establishment of.

3, the boss did not pay enough attention to micro-blog and other new business, a little self-willed. Behind the business makes it difficult to break through before going out of business.

NetEase has more than and 100 people reporting directly to the boss. But the decision is arbitrary, many projects have. More projects rely on the executive’s personal ability. In the loose environment, if there is a good attitude instead of going to sharpen out entrepreneurial ability.

media said Ding Lei is a mentor. Is a true lie.

4, the old NetEase entrepreneurship is not forced cattle. Old Sohu has Youku Youku 6. The old Tencent have rice. Not one of the old NetEase listed. Are struggling in financing.

Many old people take charge as chief of

Sohu, Gong Yugu Li Shanyou Chen Yizhou Wang Tao Wang Xiaochuan Yong qiang. It’s about Zhang Zhaoyang. The boss is behind. The following people want to clear, and then go to resources, forcing you mature. Another style is Chen Tianqiao. The boss is very fast, want to know directly after the draw a blueprint for you; but here can not keep up, exhausted.

5, Ding Lei wrote a second operation three Feng Shui life, on the contrary it is out of business letter four Ji five reading.

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