The rural electricity providers to become a new blue ocean have entered the market

introduction: the impact of Electronic Commerce on rural life has been obviously in recent years, the country emerged more and more Taobao village is good proof.


The impact of

e-commerce on rural life has been clear, in recent years, the emergence of more and more Taobao village is a good proof. This year, in the "driver Internet plus" tide, Jingdong, Ali, Suning and other commercial enterprises began large-scale electricity supplier in villages. In addition, the policy level to support the introduction of positive intensive, encourage logistics, warehousing, capital and channels more efficient sink to the rural market. As the rural electricity supplier practitioners, but also in thinking about how to use the "Internet plus the Dafengkou, increase the added value of products and other goods, sell it farther.


Taobao village through the Internet to achieve a leap

Ali Institute recently released a "Chinese rural Taobao Research Report" shows that the first batch of Taobao village in 2009, including Jiangsu Suining, Hebei Qinghe County Dongfengcun County Sha Ji Zhen Dong Gao Zhuang, Zhejiang City, Yiwu Qingyan Liu Cun. By the end of 2013, the number of such Taobao villages grew to 20. By 2014, the number of Taobao village reached 212. Ali finds Taobao village is the standard, place of business in rural areas, to take administrative village as a unit; e-commerce transactions amounted to 10 million yuan or more; active village shop number reached more than 100, or the active shop number reached more than 10% of the local number of households.

report, 212 Taobao village, the number of active sellers of more than 7, according to the characteristics of rural family business network, each shop about 4 practitioners, Taobao village overall bring direct employment of more than 280 thousand people. In addition to stimulating employment in rural areas, the rural population "and encouraged farmers to leave their homes", Taobao village life compared with the ordinary rural consumption level has improved. Jiangsu Sha town as an example, according to Ali Institute of statistics, 2013 to Sha town Taobao orders up to 78 thousand pens, a total of 13 million 220 thousand yuan; in which the seller is most concentrated in Dongfengcun throughout the year, received 16 thousand orders, a total of 5 million 500 thousand yuan. According to local government statistics, Dongfengcun 2013 per capita annual income of 29 thousand and 800 yuan, exceeding the province’s rural per capita income of $119%.

entered the Taobao model, Taobao village in the country more and more rural areas becoming Liaoyuanzhishi. At the same time, some of the early Taobao village with the Internet technology upgrade into the stage of a butterfly. The largest in North Hebei Baigou luggage industry base, in 2008 after the outbreak of the financial crisis, reduced overseas orders have brought tremendous pressure to the local industry, but the development of electronic commerce is Baigou "soft landing". In 2013, the number increased to more than 8000 Baigou shop, e-commerce platform to generate bags transaction amount to nearly 30% of total sales, employees reached more than 3 people.

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