Challenge a Jingdong mall shopping network story

Jiang Chongqin, 38 years old, in the machinery manufacturing industry for more than 10 years, since the beginning of 2006 in the Internet to make, did a total of three things: 2 years since 90s all Internet related news, try to engage in a machinery industry B2B site, 08 years from the beginning of the second half of its home appliances B2C website: a shopping network.


said, now the Internet business will have to do e-commerce, and in the field of e-commerce of small household appliances most worthwhile. First of all, weight, size are appropriate. Second, in terms of value, the value of electricity is too high, and the value is too low, such as clothing, home is not suitable for online sales.

in the early stage of a shopping network, with low cost and low risk strategy: at least hire employees, a shopping network first only 3 employees, Jon, procedure and operation; all programs are open; offices in their own house; with the help of Taobao shop and other means used in the promotion of free.

in the spring of 2009, Jiang Chongqin was emboldened, began to expand the team: technology, customer service, marketing, planning, warehousing, logistics, administration and other people began to perform their respective duties. In terms of logistics, a self built and take the way of outsourcing, high customer requirements by the company responsible for the logistics and other outsourcing to the third party logistics company.


confessed that this small household appliance market is the Jingdong store a single large, in this market is bound to encounter Jingdong mall extension. Data show that Jingdong mall in 2009 sales of 4 billion yuan, in 2009 also received a $100 million investment. Jon’s view is: Jingdong mall price still down space, one can do less.


said, the current market is still a buyer’s market, they can get a more appropriate price from the manufacturer, an agent. He believes that the key lies in the high and low price period, the United States, Suning, and even Jingdong mall, Dangdang, excellence or long or short account. While one is taken account of zero strategy, in order to ensure that the price advantage.


believe that the domestic B2C market will not only Jingdong, Vancl, and other giants of excellence alone, like Carrefour, WAL-MART still has the era of rampant JKL, Huarun and other supermarkets exist, the vertical field of B2C space is large enough. Compared to the risk of giant Jingdong Jon mall is more worried about the talent, especially e-commerce start-ups, on the one hand, excellent talents are hard to please, on the other hand they managed to cultivate talents and the existence of the risk of job hopping.

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