U S online shopping war broke off WAL MART and Amazon wrist

"Forbes" pointed out that 50 years ago, the average life expectancy of Fortune 500 companies is about 75 years. And now the figure is less than 15 years, and still shortening. CNSPHOTO provides

is a traditional retail speculators, is an e-commerce giant, for WAL-MART and Amazon, one of them seems to be born.

first, because WAL-MART and Amazon in the business concept, mode, management and technology is completely different between them is mutual contempt and rejection, but now, from the customer to the line for the competition of market share, they are constantly competing and fighting, and increasingly fierce.

from the beginning of July 15th this year, this bucket has a new upgrade.

In order not to let the Amazon

borrow 20 anniversary exclusive sale brought aura, WAL-MART started an online promotional activities, to compete with Amazon recently announced membership promotions. It is reported that this event includes more than 2000 online exclusive discount.

WAL-MART online battles Amazon

after the launch of the Amazon gold service day large-scale promotional activities, WAL-MART launched a targeted promotional activities called Tahoe.

last week, in order to celebrate their 20 anniversary of the establishment of e-commerce companies, Amazon announced the launch of the gold service day activities, the number of promotional products, and said the transaction will exceed the black Friday". According to the Wall Street Journal (blog, micro-blog) reported that the object of Amason’s activities are limited to its gold medal members. It is reported that Amazon’s annual membership fee of $99 gold, you can enjoy free shipping service for two days. In order to challenge Amazon’s service, from the beginning of this summer, Wal-Mart Store Inc has also begun to provide online customers with an annual $50 unlimited free shipping services.

launched the gold medal service day large-scale promotional activities in the Amazon, WAL-MART has targeted for its online customers introduced the name "Tahoe" promotional activities, activity continued for 90 days, and free shipping minimum spending dropped from $50 to $35.

Of course, WAL-MART

will not sit idly by, the company’s online business is testing free shipping service similar to the Amazon gold member (ShippingPass), an annual fee of $50, free shipping products within three days of delivery, product types 1 million, 20 million kinds of products is far less than the Amazon gold member.

, however, the two sides of the exchange is not limited to preferential activities. Fernando, chief executive officer of WAL-MART’s online business, ·, Madeira, has pointed to Amazon’s membership in the corporate blog. "We’ve heard that some retailers charge $100 to sell their products, but we don’t think this is a way to get customers to pay extra money to save money," he said

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