The first domestic consumer electronics import electricity supplier


following the national experienced "11.11" berserk, "black Friday" cross-border strikes, "shuangshier" relay run. Now, the electric business tycoons on stage, all at the end of each year for the golden week. This year with the involvement of Alibaba, Amazon’s two giants, black Friday has spread the trend of greater china. When Internet users stop watching the cross-border electricity the flame, "is this a dark horse Huicheng" low-key to enter this new field, many people still doubt, even when exploring this home appliance sources, it has set up the stage debut in the Internet arena.


based on the import of consumer electronics positioning vertical electricity supplier

It is reported that

, is Huicheng ( is an authentic overseas consumer electronic products professional shopping site, vertical import brand positioning. Mall mainly engaged in high-end mobile phone digital, fashion and creative, intelligent life, science and technology movement and other consumer electronics products. For a new electricity supplier, electricity supplier in the hot environment, cross-border electricity supplier in the field of vertical positioning is a wise choice. According to "Shang Huicheng" founder Cody told reporters, despite a good grasp of customs clearance and improve logistics efficiency, but at a time when it is scouring the sea coming, but also to avoid the big business edge, specializing in a domain. Can also be purchased by way of cutting down, reducing inventory pressure, saving manpower and funds, focusing on improving service and consumer experience. It is worth mentioning that, has been engaged in import and export trade and consumer electronics industry Cody, familiar with Europe and the United States and Japan and South Korea market, has a good overseas cooperation resources, the future development is full of confidence.


development of intelligent vending machine planning O2O strategy

"at this stage of the market for electricity providers, only to find the entrance is not enough, you must also have their unique business model" Cody says. To this end, Cody and his team are proposed Huicheng unique "Shang Yun O2O" business model. In order to realize the model, is Huicheng developed intelligent vending machine Luxuries electronic products sold the world’s first open up online and offline sales, warehousing, delivery, advertising, online drainage in one set, plans to put at the airport, high-speed rail station, large shopping malls, hotels, universities and other places. "Cloud O2O" business model, which is an online shopping mall "is Huicheng" as the core, through the Luxuries intelligent vending machine connected line sales, and second under the strategy of "Luxuries" DM magazine closely linked to form a 360 degree O2O ecosystem set sales experience, promotion and service in one of the.

it is understood that consumers in the purchase of overseas 3C digital products, will not open around the customs declaration, inspection, customs clearance and customs of the port Chinese and a series of procedures, the future will be whether the goods overseas purchasing behavior and policy intervention, from consumer experience, consumer and services also face.

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