Vip com vacuity original then alleged false sale discount sales

deficiency list and then discount sales, so the marketing tactics in the sale by the United States listed on Beijing Daily reporter survey found that by virtue of the "featured brand + discount + depth flash sale" genuine sale mode, become one of the three major electricity supplier forms China, the same goods, discount price is not low counterparts; even some products directly raise the price. related personnel, said commodity prices provided by the brand side, the electricity supplier platform may also lead to different channels of price differences.



days before the consumer to Beijing Daily reporters reflect, although similar goods discount efforts far more than their counterparts, but the actual price is very close. Observers believe that the virtual standard price and then sell at a discount price phenomenon, often appear in the buy site and electricity supplier during the big promotion. Due to the recent price of electricity providers have weakened marketing, this situation has improved, but recently began a stirring among the dry bones.

Beijing Business Daily reporter survey found that in a variety of goods are higher than the original price counterparts. For example, the starry brand in a loose strap skirt price for 428 yuan, 75% off after the price of 109 yuan, with Tmall products in the original price of 218 yuan, 109 yuan after discount. The starry relevant responsible person said,’s price is the price tag of goods, on-line sales to start using the Internet price, namely Tmall price, but after the discount price of the whole network unified. related personnel, said the commodity prices are provided by the brand side, may be due to different channels of purchase price differences. However, sold all goods to buy genuine insurance, there is no fake.

featured brand + discount + depth flash sale "is to become the three largest weapon sale mode leader, also support the two years from $6.5 IPO price soared to $169, become the important factors of" monster ". However, clothing, bags and other categories of the above.

alleged violations

in fact, the annual double 11, 6·, 18 and other big promotion, virtual standard price, false propaganda and other issues have been criticized by consumers. Electricity supplier website also known as the amazing discount promotions have been noticed by regulators.

in June 24th this year, the national development and Reform Commission issued "Regulations on the prohibition of price fraud" (hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations") notify the relevant clause interpretation, specifically for the third party network trading platform promotion clearly that it constitutes the price fraud cases: one is the third party network trading platform in the home or other significant position indication a network operators merchandise sales of commodity price is lower than the network operators in the product details page marked price; two is the third party network trading platform website claimed that all or part of the goods to carry out promotional activities, but the network operators did not actually carry out promotional activities; the three is to enforce the third party network trading platform provides price or price promotion software > software

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