Gome online cross border electricity supplier overseas purchase of the Japanese Museum on line

NetEase Francisco December 7th news, Gome announced today O2O officially enter the field of cross-border electricity supplier, and the Japanese retail giant BIC CAMERA (Miller will Hakka) signed a strategic cooperation agreement to start overseas purchase the first station of Japanese national museum".

according to reports, the United States online layout of cross-border electricity supplier, the preliminary selection of Japan China tourists to buy the highest frequency of more than 450 kinds of goods, in the United States online overseas purchase Japan Pavilion and Gome line entity stores sales O2O. At the same time, the United States and the United States and the BIC online membership integration with each other, common procurement, product warranty, mutual promotion and other cooperation.

"the current mainstream business platform overseas purchase model mostly based only on the line, while the United States online overseas purchase will be based on the O2M retail strategy, offline experience online orders." Gome online CEO Li Juntao said, GOME stores nationwide can experience overseas purchase products, the future will continue to increase as the community supermarket, Shopping Mall and other forms of store, plan three years expanded under the 500 line stores.

According to Li Juntao

, genuine, Japan museum as an example, the United States in July this year in Kobe set up a joint venture company, to ensure the goods mining source, customs clearance process regulated by the government; the price, Gome online purchased overseas and foreign famous manufacturing enterprises and large retailers cooperation, can reduce intermediate links. In terms of logistics delivery cycle is too long, the United States online overseas purchase import goods from bonded warehouse delivery, fast customs clearance, designated logistics, so as to ensure the delivery speed.

in addition, Gome online also announced the launch of "double 12 Festival", in addition to the traditional home appliances 3C, Gome online gold, automotive, FMCG, financial department, the Internet and other new business intelligence Home Furnishing will also participate in the full range of. (Bai Xiao)

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