The Jingdong fake businesses or face million fine

July 28th, the media exposure of the domestic electricity supplier collective selling,, Jingdong and a large number of well-known business platform to the in the teeth of the storm. After a few days, "and selling businesses how to deal with", "business can not buy luxury goods became consumers are most concerned about. In this regard, the latest response from Xinhua Technology Jingdong is selling businesses will face a penalty of 1 million yuan, or 10 times according to the amount of cumulative sales of all stores for punishment. Consumers to buy fake provisions will be 3 times the compensation.

latest progress

million penalty and selling businesses at the consumer will be 3 times the compensation


technology to get the latest news from Jingdong, involved in the incident and selling businesses (Cabernet fashion shop), the company has decided to impose its amount of up to 1 million yuan of liquidated damages, or in accordance with the 10 times the cumulative sales of all stores were liquidated.

"we are now re sort all been settled seller qualification documents will be repaying the qualification for incomplete or questionable businesses. At the same time, Jingdong decided to sign a new contract with the seller, the new contract will take the most stringent penalties for violations involving fake." The responsible person said, the latest revision of the "Jingdong open platform seller integral management rules", the biggest difference is the addition of a punitive measure and selling provisions of the sale of counterfeit goods sellers shall pay liquidated damages in accordance with the 1 million or 10 times the cumulative sales of all stores were liquidated damages".

for the victims of this event consumers, the official said Jingdong will return and compensation in accordance with relevant laws and regulations. According to the "new law" fifty-fifth stipulates: "operators to provide goods or services fraud, in accordance with the requirements of consumers increase the compensation for losses, three times increase the amount of compensation for consumers to purchase price of goods or services received fees; increase the amount of compensation is less than five hundred yuan, five hundred yuan. Where otherwise provided by law, in accordance with the provisions of the law." In other words, consumers will be able to buy fake goods three times the amount of compensation.

the person in charge also revealed that Jingdong is working with the business sector and other government regulators to communicate to promote bilateral cooperation in data exchange, technical cooperation, business information and other aspects of the main check. "Once the Jingdong found a" fake "seller, will be the first time to the business sector to provide the seller information, the joint industry and commerce power, counterfeiting."

editor’s opinion

consumer trust electricity providers, businesses should be and the line and treasure

once upon a time the fake Mobil oil, now selling luxury goods business, selling fake door a. Although and Jingdong in the event at the first time of crisis public relations, but the topic is still being discussed in just two days about 3000000 times, visible alone has ignited the hearts of consumers a widespread concerns about the fake online shopping.

of course, the electricity supplier

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