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mobile phone to make money online the sunflower ringtones version 1 (on)

assassin · first in the map of the king of the webmaster network, the original article, reprint please keep this article complete

  at the beginning of 2005, thanks to the Internet graph king show, make money and promotion, was barely into the door. The above product promotion from Taobao eBay registration, movies, ringtones and various click ads, almost all do a lot of. Promotion methods, but also learn to search engine optimization (SEO), search engine spam (cheating), client promotion, etc.. Because the movie advertisements don’t love almost pornography, will focus on promoting other products above, among them, the biggest profit ringtones. From 1 to two products every day, do thousands of monthly day later. Figure Wang met to say, assassin, you crazy. It is also because tasted the sweetness of it, then do the investment palm show, now palm Alliance ( show ringtones domestic status, needless to say, the Internet just soso ringtone products, buy advertising to push, basically do show the palm. In the process of their promotion and operation in the show ring palm, summarizes some promotion way, graph king has been urging me to write out, say I am not afraid of other people to steal my money, I smiled and replied, fear of others to make money, to invest for advertising?


‘s new year’s day to rest at home, worried about 2007 by someone like monk’s urging, is to write the first 1 days after the perfect version of it. Long winded so far below the beginning.


            any industry can make money, in the vernacular summed up into three kinds of people, one hand (can be understood as toil, do repetitive work personally), a human brain (can be understood as technology master certain aspects), a people use money (money for money can be understood as the highest realm of money), a very simple truth, man is born his mother, demon is demon born of his mother, his mother’s money is money. Of course, some people, is the complex of these 3 kinds of people, but also money, brain and hand to make money. This article, from the three aspects, as far as possible to list the most promotion skills. With an explanation, the following promotion methods, in fact, in the promotion of a variety of products are suitable. We extrapolate. A lot of ways to promote, will involve the moral and moral aspects of life, the assassin in this only to list and analysis, the reader how to do their own choice. Because of personal time, into the next three times. Try to introduce a variety of means to achieve the purpose of exposure at least. The most exciting place in the promotion of the brain (technology promotion) there, after reading, do not want to master, it is difficult.


a hand to make money


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