How to deal with the traditional e commerce retail PK e commerce tide

the rapid development of the Internet has led to the tide of e-commerce, resulting in consumer change is also surging. Eleven double data Tmall as we show, the popularity of increasing electricity market step by step to erode the share of traditional retail stores, PK network, how to deal with the traditional retail e-commerce tide



retailers have OCS

online shopping huge impact and stimulation, so that our country’s traditional retail industry staged a "net" blockbuster.

is the leading retail department before, who stores, which it fast. Today, the traditional department stores have also entered the high-profile e-commerce, who advanced in staking, the greater the hope. First to carry out the business of shopping malls in Xidan, on the IGO5 network to carry on the reform, to meet the market demand; the Wangfujing department store will also serve as a new online shopping format; intime intime network, the on-line March day orders over 10000, become a dark horse this year; and Jingdong to make war. The online business is done fast. All these data show that: This is not a grassroots party, but endurance endurance feast.

"cement + mouse"

traditional enterprises to open shop practices, is generally a combination of online and offline, the industry is generally referred to as the mouse + cement". "Mouse + cement" mode can not only play the characteristics of the traditional store display and sales, but also for the convenience of users of online shopping habits, but also has a lasting strong vitality.

"cement + mouse" with the development of e-commerce, making a large number of traditional enterprises began to pay attention to online channels. The perfect combination of the two will bring a good shopping experience for consumers, in order to enhance the overall efficiency. Is an online shopping mall store Business Hours prolonged 365 days, 24 hours non-stop business; two is the online shopping section to save money, save the rent, utilities, labor costs; in addition, the network to avoid the geographical restrictions, expand the range of customers, making the user more coverage.

online and offline integration

although nearly half of the top 100 retail enterprises have online shopping malls, but many enterprises in the online user location is not clear, many of which are moved to the online store, is not the true meaning of e-commerce platform. The application of this pattern is not a small challenge to the business line, because the information base line under the weak, many enterprises Invoicing business without digital management, so almost impossible to achieve online sales.

online mall is a "gold mine", but not everyone can Amoy gold. Traditional enterprises to build online shopping mall, on the one hand to find ways to improve the user’s two purchase rate and interactive stickiness, on the other hand, but also to think about how to carry out more user groups. So in addition to adequate funding, professional electricity supplier talent and accurate network marketing strategy, but also the need for a professional and stable online business

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